Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the host covered a range of topics, making for an entertaining and lively episode. As the Michigan primary for both Democrats and Republicans took place, Colbert highlighted an interesting situation involving Michigan’s Arab-American population. Due to their disapproval of Joe Biden‘s stance on Israel’s actions in Gaza, Arab-American and Muslim leaders urged Democrats to vote “uncommitted” as a form of protest.

Moving on to another captivating segment, Colbert mentioned an interview between Biden and Seth Meyers on Late Night. The President expressed optimism about a ceasefire deal and hoped it would start by the end of the weekend. Colbert couldn’t help but poke fun at the President, jokingly wondering why Biden had not appeared on The Late Show instead.

The highlight of the interview was when Biden and Meyers visited an ice cream shop, where a reporter asked about the ceasefire timeline. Despite the seriousness of the question, the moment became comical as Biden responded while placing his statement into a scoop of mint chip ice cream.

Colbert reveled in the discomfort experienced by Meyers, who had missed the opportunity to interview the President on his own show. They hilariously discussed the importance of avoiding serious questions during lighthearted segments. Colbert even made a Seinfeld reference, mentioning how Jerry Seinfeld stopped discussing serious topics during his show, Comedians and Cars.

Switching gears, Colbert delved into Donald Trump‘s ongoing legal battles, particularly related to his fraud judgments. Trump has just 30 days to raise nearly half a billion dollars to pay off these judgments. Adding to his financial woes, a jury has ordered him to pay $83.3 million for defaming E. Jean Carroll. To delay payment, Trump’s team has resorted to unusual legal maneuvers, claiming he shouldn’t have to post a bond due to his wealth. Colbert playfully poked holes in this argument, highlighting the absurdity of avoiding consequences simply because one is rich.

Alongside Trump’s legal troubles, Colbert shared intriguing details about Kenneth Cheeseman, a former Trump attorney involved in the fake elector scheme. Cheeseman has been cooperating with investigators to evade additional criminal charges. However, CNN’s discovery of his secret Twitter account, known as “Badger Pundit,” might complicate matters for Cheeseman.

Transitioning to a controversial ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court, Colbert remarked on the court’s decision to consider frozen embryos as children. This ruling could have severe consequences for couples relying on IVF, as parents may now be obligated to pay lifelong storage fees for embryos they can never discard.

Highlighting the absurdity of the ruling, Colbert jokingly suggested that these frozen embryos would have to be preserved for generations, even after the couple and their descendants have passed away. Additionally, Colbert mentioned the introduction of fetal personhood bills in numerous state legislatures, which further restrict reproductive rights.

Closing the segment, Colbert mentioned a bill introduced by Democrats in Congress to ensure nationwide access to contraception. However, he noted that 195 House Republicans swiftly voted against it, highlighting the religious conservative approval only for specific types of sex depicted in the Bible.

Overall, this episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert kept viewers entertained, offering a blend of humor and insightful commentary on current events.