Fans of the popular chat show, The Graham Norton Show, were treated to an exciting episode featuring the talented young actress, Zendaya. The transcript of the interview reveals some interesting and entertaining moments that kept viewers engaged.

One of the highlights of the conversation was when Zendaya playfully corrected Graham Norton‘s pronunciation of her co-star’s name, Timothy Chalamet. She jokingly mentioned that she always thought it was pronounced “timot” due to the double “e” at the end. This light-hearted exchange set the tone for the rest of the interview.

Zendaya also shared her excitement about winning an Emmy for her role in the hit show Euphoria. She expressed how special it was to celebrate the moment with her entire family in her living room. The intimate setting allowed her to share the joyous occasion with her loved ones, an experience that she wouldn’t have had in a traditional awards ceremony.

As the conversation shifted towards her upcoming film projects, Zendaya discussed her involvement in the highly anticipated movies Dune 2 and Deadpool 2. The audience couldn’t help but be intrigued by the fact that these films were releasing just three weeks apart. Zendaya‘s diverse range of roles, from playing the beloved MJ in Spider-Man to the enigmatic Chani in Dune, showcased her versatility as an actress.

The interview also delved into Zendaya‘s experience working with her co-stars, including Timothy Chalamet and Tom Cruise. She fondly recalled a memorable interaction with Timothy, where they playfully referred to him as “Timothy Shamala Bing Bong.” This inside joke has now become a running theme within her family.

Regarding working with Tom Cruise, Zendaya admitted her admiration for his dedication to performing stunts. She also revealed her fear of revolving doors, which she considers a legitimate phobia. The audience couldn’t help but empathize with her as she shared her genuine concerns.

Despite her success and growing popularity, Zendaya remains grounded. She casually mentioned her hobby of knitting and even made scarves for her friends and loved ones. This humble pastime provided her with a creative outlet during the intense filming of Spider-Man.

By the end of the lively and engaging interview, viewers were left with a sense of admiration for Zendaya. Her talent, authenticity, and down-to-earth nature were on full display, making her a beloved figure in both the chat show world and the entertainment industry as a whole.

Fans of The Graham Norton Show will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting future episodes, hoping for more entertaining and captivating interviews with their favorite celebrities. As for Zendaya, her star continues to rise, and her performances in upcoming projects are sure to keep audiences captivated and entertained.