Sara Rue from ‘Less Than Perfect’ made a delightful appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show recently, and the conversation was filled with laughter and charm. As soon as Sara stepped onto the stage, she couldn’t help but praise the warm and friendly atmosphere of the show. “This is great, I know everybody who comes here says that there’s just something special about the audience. They’re just lovely people,” Sara exclaimed.

Ellen, known for her infectious energy, humbly credited the audience for creating such a positive ambiance. “I’m happy because they’re happy. No matter what mood I’m in, I come here and there’s just happiness. It’s just a nice way to work,” Ellen responded.

The conversation took a lighthearted turn as they discussed the spelling of Sara’s name. Sara revealed that her name is spelled without the letter ‘H’. When asked why, Sara explained that her mother named her after the Bob Dylan song ‘Sarah’ and liked the way it looked without the ‘H’. Ellen playfully pointed out that other Sara’s, including Sarah Michelle Gellar, have the ‘H’ in their spelling. Sara humorously expressed that people with the ‘H’ might be compensating for having an extra letter in their name.

The banter continued with Ellen sharing a funny incident where someone mistakenly addressed her as Helen. Sara couldn’t help but find the mix-up amusing, noting that the person didn’t seem to care whether her name was Ellen or Helen. They both agreed that some names can be unnecessarily complicated and laughed about the idea of extra letters in names.

Transitioning to personal matters, Sara shared that she loves animals but is unfortunately allergic to them. Despite her allergies, she has two cats and two dogs. Ellen, surprised by the number of pets, playfully suggested that Sara’s husband must have insurance money on him because he also has allergies and asthma. Sara humorously admitted that it was her husband’s fault as he had assured her he wasn’t allergic to cats during their first date.

Next, they discussed Sara’s husband, who is originally from Scotland. Sara shared that he is a director and that they are currently working on his first narrative film together. She jokingly mentioned that it was weird being directed by her husband but reassured Ellen that they get along well. Sara amusingly added that she has a hard time making her husband understand that she’s the boss at home.

The conversation took a flirtatious turn as Ellen mentioned that accents are incredibly sexy. Sara, who has an accent of her own, couldn’t respond but confessed that her husband’s Scottish accent is not as thick as people typically imagine. She joked that she often exaggerates his accent, causing him to sound like a character from Braveheart on “some sort of awful drug.” Sara giggled and shared some of the words he pronounces differently, like “garage” and “soup,” which always make her smile.

As the interview drew to a close, Ellen praised Sara for her exceptional performance on ‘Less Than Perfect,’ which airs on ABC on Tuesday nights at 9:30. Sara’s witty humor and undeniable talent have made her a fan favorite. The audience applauded Sara’s accomplishments as she bid farewell to Ellen and the show.