In a recent episode of David Letterman‘s talk show, the host delved into the category of “top 10 signs you are not one of the Most Fascinating People of 2006.” The witty banter and comedic timing of Letterman had the audience in stitches as he explored this lighthearted topic.

As the conversation between Letterman and his guest continued, the topic of the evening’s special with Barbara Walters, “10 Most Fascinating People of 2006,” came up. Letterman nonchalantly mentioned that the writers come up with the topic every day, usually based on something in the news or something topical. In this particular case, it involved the Barbara Walters special and the concept of fascinating people.

One might have guessed that the talk show host had seen the film “Apocalypto” and that it played a part in the evening’s discussion. However, when asked if he had seen the movie, Letterman replied with a simple “no.” The guest playfully offered to watch it after the show, but Letterman declined, citing his busy schedule.

As the conversation shifted back to the top 10 list, it became clear that the segment would be a countdown from 10 to 1. Although this seems counterintuitive, Letterman explained that they like to change things up and keep the audience engaged.

With his signature dry humor, Letterman addressed a couple of quirky questions from the audience, including one about sitting on his lap. However, the talk show host firmly shut down the idea, reassuring the audience that it wouldn’t happen.

Throughout the episode, Letterman displayed his comedic genius, leaving the audience in stitches with his quick wit and hilarious responses. Although the jokes may not have made everyone laugh, Letterman’s charm and charisma shone through, making for an entertaining evening on the talk show.

Fans of David Letterman eagerly await each new episode, knowing that they’ll be treated to a night of laughter and fun. Whether it’s dissecting fascinating people or engaging in humorous exchanges with the audience, Letterman never fails to deliver a memorable talk show experience.