Eva Mendes made a hilarious and lively appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show recently, where she shared some entertaining stories. The chat show audience was in for a treat as Eva recounted her experiences with her large Cuban family and her mother’s past as an employee at Mann’s Chinese Theater.

During the interview, Eva revealed that she recently had a premiere for a film called “The Spirit” where she had a revealing bum shot. Her concern was how her family would react to seeing her like that on the big screen. However, she was pleasantly surprised by their support and understanding. Eva’s mother used to work at Mann’s Chinese Theater, making it even more special for her to have the premiere there and take her mother as her date.

Eva also shared a funny anecdote about her mother’s criticism of her fashion choices. She revealed that her mom would email her “Mom’s review” with constructive feedback on her hair, dress, and even her lips. Eva admitted that she listens to her mother’s guidance but pretends not to when they talk because she still feels like a 16-year-old when speaking to her.

The conversation took a light-hearted turn when Eva and Ellen played a game called Taboo celebrity mash-up. The competitive side of Eva was on full display as she hilariously tried to guess the words Ellen was acting out.

Later in the show, Ellen surprised the audience by giving away Ellen-themed onesie pajamas. Eva revealed that her family has a tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving in their pajamas, and now they have the perfect outfits to continue the tradition.

The lively and entertaining interview with Eva Mendes kept the audience engaged and laughing throughout the episode. Fans of Eva and The Ellen Degeneres Show will definitely want to catch this episode to witness the fun-filled chat between Eva and Ellen.