In a recent episode of Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, the hilarious Chelsea Peretti joined the host for a lively discussion about bear attacks. The conversation took place on O’Brien’s podcast, “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend,” and it quickly became clear that both Peretti and O’Brien share a fascination with this intriguing topic.

Peretti revealed that her podcast is a reboot of a previous show she started back in 2014, long before podcasts became as popular as they are today. Her unique podcast format involves taking phone calls from random people, discussing a range of topics, and incorporating sound effects throughout the episodes.

But what stood out the most was Peretti’s obsession with bear attacks. She confessed to having read numerous books on the subject and shared some fascinating facts. Did you know that bears can run up to 40 miles per hour? It’s definitely not a good idea to try and outrun one!

She also discussed the importance of group dynamics when it comes to bear encounters. Statistically, groups of three are much less likely to be attacked compared to individuals or pairs. So, if you ever find yourself in bear country, bring two friends along for safety.

O’Brien, always the curious host, delved deeper into the topic, expressing his fascination with the varying degrees of bear attacks. Peretti admitted to trying to find the perfect balance between finding bear attacks amusing without trivializing the seriousness of the situation.

She shared one chilling story about a man who survived a grizzly bear attack. The bear lunged at him, slapped him, clicked its teeth, and even bit his thigh. Miraculously, the man didn’t lose any limbs, but he now lives with constant pain.

The discussion took a light-hearted turn at times, with O’Brien jokingly suggesting he appear on Peretti’s podcast in the form of a bear. However, it’s essential to note that Peretti always ensured the survivors’ comfort and sensitivity when discussing their experiences.

Throughout the conversation, Peretti shared valuable bear safety tips. Making noise as you walk is crucial to avoiding surprise encounters, hence the recommendation to wear a bell while in bear country. While different bear encounters require different actions, Peretti emphasized that there isn’t one foolproof strategy.

After their engaging conversation, it became evident that Peretti and O’Brien thoroughly enjoyed discussing bear attacks. Their banter and genuine curiosity made for an entertaining and informative episode. If you want to hear more intriguing stories and lively discussions, be sure to check out “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend.”

With their shared enthusiasm for the topic, Peretti and O’Brien brought humor and insight to bear attacks on their podcast. So, whether you’re a fan of this talk show, a podcast enthusiast, or simply curious about the world of nature’s apex predators, this episode is a must-listen.