During a recent episode of the beloved talk show, David Letterman surprised viewers with a special guest sitting in with the band. Elia Kazan, a controversial figure, joined the show for the entire night, promising to “name names.” The audience eagerly anticipated the revelations that Kazan would make throughout the evening.

As the show kicked off, Kazan wasted no time in naming names. He began with a rapid-fire list of individuals that included Jean Swift, Brook Caps, Robert Pack, Carl Lindam, Christine Han, and Donald Axen, among others. The audience was hooked, eagerly waiting for more shocking revelations from Kazan.

Although there was initial speculation that the named individuals could be in trouble, Letterman assured the audience that Kazan was simply sharing information without any harmful intentions. This twist in the show’s format only heightened the excitement as viewers continued to tune in.

After the thrilling introduction, Letterman decided to bring out the mailbag and answer some viewer questions. The talk show host received a letter asking about his plans for watching the Academy Awards. In an unexpected revelation, Letterman shared that he had attended the awards ceremony in person. He joked about “one little bit of ugliness,” but aside from that, he had a great time.

Another letter came from a viewer in Detroit, curious about the “Dave concept car.” Letterman cheekily replied that while the letter was cute, he wanted to remind everyone to take new cars seriously. He then proceeded to promote the 1999 Volkswagen Pat, complete with its MSRP, available financing, and a playful jab at his past financial indiscretions.

The mailbag continued with a question about what Letterman and his band leader, Paul, do when they take a week off from the show. While Letterman couldn’t speak for Paul, he mentioned that he keeps busy during vacations. He shared a list of activities, including painting his unventilated closet, checking pills for freshness, observing a solar eclipse, and even judging a championship heavyweight fight.

One viewer suggested having a Kool-Aid stand outside the theater, and Letterman somewhat reluctantly declared that it wouldn’t be a good idea. The episode concluded with Letterman sending his regards and bidding farewell to the audience.

This thrilling and unpredictable episode of the talk show left viewers entertained and wanting more. With Elia Kazan stirring things up and Letterman adding his signature humor, it was a night to remember on the talk show. Fans eagerly await the next surprise that this chat show legend has up his sleeve.