On a recent episode of the chat show, “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross,” comedian duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb opened up about their dislike for comedy after their hit show, Peep Show.

As they joined Jonathan Ross on the show, Mitchell and Webb were in high spirits, thanking Ross for having them and exchanging pleasantries. Ross then introduced his next guest, songwriter Gary Barlow, who has recently reformed Take That and released an autobiography.

The next guest was Zach Braff, star of the popular medical sitcom Scrubs. Joined by renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, the conversation turned light-hearted and comedic. Ross playfully teased Ramsay about choosing to appear on the show instead of with Charlotte Church, joking about his dislike for swearing.

The conversation then took an unexpected turn as Ross compared a knife to a famous scene in the movie Crocodile Dundee, and showcased a large Swiss army knife that he claimed was the biggest in the world.

As the show progressed, Ross brought out Gary Barlow, met with excitement from the audience. Barlow spoke about his experience reuniting with Take That after a ten-year hiatus and how they enjoyed recording and writing music together again. Ross and Barlow also touched upon his weight loss journey and his struggles with body image.

The conversation then delved into Barlow’s experiences in the industry, including his time spent writing hit songs for other artists. Ross commended Barlow’s resilience and highlighted his recently released autobiography, which delves into the ups and downs of his career.

After bidding farewell to Barlow, Ross welcomed his final guests, David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Ross mentioned that many people believe the duo’s characters in their show, “Mitchell and Webb Look,” resemble their true selves. Mitchell clarified that they are just actors and that the show is created by writers Sam Bane and Jesse Armstrong.

The duo discussed their journey in comedy, revealing that they actually dislike comedy now and do not have any other hobbies to pursue. Ross playfully jests that they have become overnight successes, to which Mitchell replied that they have actually been together for 12 years.

This lively and entertaining episode of “Friday Night With Jonathan Ross” showcased the candid conversations and humorous banter that the talk show is known for. From music to comedy, the episode provided a range of topics and guests that left viewers entertained and wanting more.