On a recent episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man, Hugh Grant appeared as a guest and had quite a lively conversation with Alan Carr. The episode started off with Alan welcoming Hugh and discussing recent events, such as the UKIP winning their first MP in the Clacton by-election. Hugh jokingly mentioned that he would rather be on Piers Morgan’s show than sit on a dirty doormat at Clacton Pier.

The conversation then turned to the topic of leaked intimate celebrity pictures, particularly those of Jennifer Lawrence. Hugh expressed his sympathy towards Jennifer and suggested that she should embrace the situation and make money from it by putting advertising hoardings around her. He also revealed that he himself is not worried about his own intimate pictures being hacked as he has psoriasis and bad hair, making his photos look like he’s wearing a leopard print onesie.

The episode then shifted gears and introduced the star-studded lineup for the night. The first guest to join Alan on the show was none other than Hugh Grant himself. Alan Carr praised Hugh for his performances in some of Britain’s biggest films, noting his unique ability to get laughs without getting his leather trench coat caught in a car door.

Another guest on the show was luxury comedy star, Noel Fielding. The conversation took a hilarious turn when Noel talked about his upcoming tour and his evening titled “An Evening with Noel Fielding“. He explained that it was meant to be ironic and reminiscent of an old-fashioned show like one Barry Humphries would do. Alan, always quick with a joke, couldn’t help but make some innuendos about Noel’s tour title.

The episode also touched on serious topics, such as the importance of cancer research and Stand Up To Cancer. Dr. Christian Jessen joined the show and discussed the importance of raising money for cancer research and debunking cancer myths. The conversation got emotional when both Alan and Dr. Christian shared personal experiences with cancer, highlighting the need for continued efforts in finding a cure.

Throughout the episode, the energy remained high, with Alan cracking jokes and engaging his guests in light-hearted banter. The audience’s enthusiasm was evident as they cheered and applauded the guests, particularly when Hugh Grant took the stage. Alan even joked that the audience wanted a piece of Hugh, much to everyone’s amusement.

Overall, this episode of Alan Carr: Chatty Man was full of lively conversation, laughter, and heartfelt moments. The guests, including Hugh Grant and Noel Fielding, brought their unique personalities and stories to the show, making it a truly entertaining and engaging watch.