On a recent episode of the popular chat show, David Letterman welcomed special guests Paul Shaffer and Dave, as they reflected on their experiences with the late musician, Prince, and another renowned talk show host, Jay Leno.

The conversation started off with David mentioning how Prince had been on their show several times before, and Paul chimed in, reminiscing about the memorable performances on the old show. However, it was revealed that Prince didn’t particularly enjoy his time on “The David Letterman Show.” According to reports, Prince preferred appearing on the west coast, specifically on Jay Leno‘s show, where he felt a certain camaraderie.

David acknowledged that Prince didn’t want to have the usual end-of-show chat with him, and instead decided to create a dramatic moment by pretending something was wrong. This resulted in a bodyguard stepping in and quickly escorting Prince offstage, leaving David feeling alarmed.

The conversation then shifted to a personal story shared by David, where he attended one of Prince‘s late-night shows in Las Vegas. Despite not having much interaction with the legendary musician in the past, David was invited to Prince‘s private party afterward. David described Prince as a down-to-earth and normal person, which came as a surprise. However, due to exhaustion, David had to decline Prince‘s invitation for breakfast and returned to his hotel room.

Later, Paul mentioned that during one of Jay Leno‘s shows, Prince held up a sign that said, “Leno was the best, even Paul Shaffer knows what he a thrill.” It was apparent that Prince had a deep appreciation for Jay Leno, further exemplifying their unlikely friendship.

David humorously acknowledged that he must have offended Prince in some way over the years, leading to the tension between them. He even shared a list of musicians who didn’t enjoy being on their show, including Garth Brooks and Mark Knopfler. With a hint of humor, David and Paul concluded their conversation and expressed their hopes that Paul’s appearance on the show would attract more viewers.

This lively episode of “The David Letterman Show” provided viewers with an intriguing insight into the dynamic between Prince, Jay Leno, and the talk show hosts. It served as a reminder of the unique personalities that grace our screens and the unexpected stories that unfold behind the scenes.