The 96th Oscars kicked off with a bang as Jimmy Kimmel took the stage for his highly anticipated monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live. With his trademark wit and charm, Kimmel entertained the audience with his hilarious quips and observations.

As he began his monologue, Kimmel couldn’t help but mention how hungry he was, jokingly mentioning that he hadn’t eaten in three weeks. But despite his hunger, he was ready to take on the challenge of hosting the Oscars live from the Goldie Theater at OAS Hollywood.

Kimmel expressed his gratitude for being invited back as the host and congratulated all the talented actors in the room. He acknowledged that it had been a long year for everyone, but it was also a great year for movies. Despite the challenges faced, filmmakers managed to create excellent films and deliver memorable performances.

Kimmel couldn’t help but mention the success of the movie “Barbie,” which transformed a plastic doll into a feminist icon. He applauded Greta Gerwig for her contribution to the film and playfully teased the audience for not nominating her for best director. He also acknowledged the achievements of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, playfully calling them Barbie and Ken.

Moving on, Kimmel praised Christopher Nolan and his film “Oppenheimer,” highlighting Nolan’s unique writing process without the interference of modern technology. Kimmel also gave a shoutout to Robert Downey Jr., praising his long and illustrious career.

The monologue took an entertaining turn as Kimmel brought up the French actor, Messi, who delivered an incredible performance in “Anatomy of a Fall.” He humorously compared Messi’s on-screen acting skills to Gerard Depardieu’s ability to eat vomit.

Kimmel continued to acknowledge the outstanding performances of various actors and directors throughout the night, including Lilly Gladstone, the first Native American actress nominated for Best Actress. He also celebrated the first-time acting nominees, such as Emily Blunt, Jeffrey Wright, Sterling K. Brown, America Ferrera, and more.

The monologue ended on a lighter note, with Kimmel praising Stephen Colbert‘s charitable contribution to help actors and writers during the strike. He also took a moment to appreciate the hardworking people behind the scenes, from teamsters to camera crews, and thanked them for their unwavering support.

With Kimmel’s witty remarks and humorous anecdotes, the talk show host had the audience in stitches throughout his monologue. It was a great start to the 96th Oscars, and everyone was eager to see what the night had in store for the rest of the show.