On a recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, actress Jamie Gertz made an appearance and shared some hilarious anecdotes about her family vacation in Mexico. Despite looking tan and relaxed, Gertz revealed that the vacation wasn’t as picture-perfect as she had imagined.

Gertz started by jokingly admitting that she looked like a ghost compared to Ellen’s tan. She then went on to describe her expectations for a fun and relaxing vacation with her family. However, within just six hours of their arrival, Gertz found herself already screaming at her children for misbehaving.

She humorously recounted how she was constantly telling her kids to put their seat belts on and not touch anything. Gertz’s overprotective nature got the best of her, even at the beach, where she continued to enforce safety measures.

Interestingly, Gertz confessed that she didn’t take any pictures during the trip. When Ellen brought up the topic, Gertz mentioned that she never takes pictures and prefers to rely on her memory instead. However, Ellen, being the fun host that she is, surprised Gertz with a few sketches of her on vacation, including one at Mount Rushmore and another at the beach.

Gertz also shared a funny anecdote about her three boys, explaining that she avoids taking pictures of them because the youngest child always complains about not being captured in photos. Consequently, Gertz joked that there are hardly any pictures of her or anyone else in the family.

Ellen complimented Gertz on her tan and relaxed appearance despite the chaos during the vacation. Gertz jokingly attributed her appearance to the tan, which managed to conceal her exhaustion.

The conversation took a lighthearted turn when Gertz revealed that actor Hugh Jackman, who was also on vacation in Mexico, participated in a burping competition with her kids. Gertz’s children taught Jackman the secret mixture of Coca-Cola and Seven-Up that would result in the loudest and longest burp.

To everyone’s surprise, Jackman ended up winning the burping contest, and Gertz’s kids were ecstatic. She laughed, saying that the kids were screaming so much that she couldn’t hear what Jackman was saying in his acceptance speech.

The conversation continued with Gertz mentioning that she recently bought a house that was previously owned by Ellen and her wife, Portia de Rossi. She described the house and the beautiful oak tree in the yard where Ellen’s children used to play.

Overall, Gertz’s appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show was filled with humor and entertaining stories about her family vacation and interactions with fellow actor Hugh Jackman. Despite the challenges and chaos that come with raising three boys, Gertz managed to find the humor in it all and keep a positive outlook.

Originally aired on April 6, 2004