Cecilia Vega, the renowned journalist and newest correspondent on America’s most watched news program, made a memorable appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The talk show host warmly welcomed her to the late-night scene, expressing his admiration for her work and the beautiful Late Show set. As the conversation commenced, Vega shared her experiences as a news person and addressed the accuracy of the movie Anchorman, teasingly proclaiming herself as “kind of a big deal.” The lively banter continued as they discussed the unique challenges of being a correspondent on CBS’s 60 Minutes.

Colbert humorously inquired about the infamous “walk and talk” segments often seen on 60 Minutes, where journalists can be seen interviewing while strolling through various locations. Vega humorously revealed the behind-the-scenes secret, explaining that the walking segment is often the culmination of a two-hour interview. By that point, the journalists have exhausted all their questions and resort to asking trivial topics like favorite Girl Scout cookies or pondering where to grab a hamburger after the shoot. Vega playfully admitted to still mastering the art of the contemplative walk and nod, indicating that she has some room for improvement.

The conversation then shifted to Vega’s transition to 60 Minutes. Colbert sparked curiosity about a pivotal moment in her career when she became a White House correspondent for ABC News. He brought up the tension that arose between Vega and former President Trump during a press conference in 2018. Although Vega had not yet asked a question, the president exhibited hostility towards her, leading to a now-iconic exchange. Vega recounted the incident, describing how she felt as if time slowed down, with all eyes in the Rose Garden turning to witness the confrontation.

Yet, Vega proudly stated that she did not allow herself to be intimidated or engaged in mudslinging with the former president. She was determined to stay focused on her role as a journalist, asking the tough questions, and not allowing Trump to dominate the conversation. Vega emphasized that the duty of a journalist is to ask the questions and hold those in power accountable. While the president initially evaded her inquiries, she persevered, and eventually, he relented and provided an answer.

Colbert appreciated the reminder of the significance of that moment and the challenges journalists faced during the Trump era. He noted how the constant chaos and conflict required the media to adapt and learn how to cover the former president effectively. Vega concurred, highlighting the importance of fact-checking and not succumbing to the pressures of breaking news in real-time. The conversation concluded with Colbert expressing his gratitude for Vega’s presence and congratulating her on her role with 60 Minutes.

Cecilia Vega‘s appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert showcased her wit, resilience, and dedication to her craft. As journalists like Vega continue to ask tough questions and hold those in power accountable, the entertainment industry eagerly awaits their next thought-provoking interviews on the chat show circuit.