In a recent episode of the popular talk show Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, host Conan O’Brien and guest Adam Gourley engaged in a lighthearted arm wrestling match. The topic of physical fights came up in the conversation, with Conan asserting that he could take on anyone in the room, except for Adam due to his regular workout routine.

The discussion took a playful turn, with others in the room challenging Conan’s bravado. Sona, Conan’s assistant, playfully remarked that she couldn’t envision Conan working up enough rage to actually engage in a fight. Conan countered, stating that he would fight Adam without using his hands, relying on his soccer skills to lay him out. The banter continued with everyone voicing their opinions on who would come out on top in a physical confrontation.

As the conversation heated up, Conan and Adam decided to settle the debate with a spontaneous arm wrestling match. However, Conan’s previous rotator cuff injury prevented them from following through. Despite this, Conan expressed confidence, claiming that his desperation to prove himself, along with his inner rage, could propel him to victory.

The discussion veered towards Conan’s physical capabilities, with gentle jabs being thrown at his lack of coordination. Sona even chimed in, stating that an angry version of herself would defeat everyone in the room. Ultimately, it was agreed that Conan excelled at being a cheater, using any means necessary to win, including incorporating comedic bits during fights.

Amidst all the humor, Conan extended an open invitation for others to attack him at any time, emphasizing that he always aims to entertain even in physical confrontations. He revealed that he believes there is a superpower within him that activates during comedic bits and stressful situations, making him a force to be reckoned with.

The conversation continued, with anecdotes about childhood games of cops and robbers involving Conan’s younger brother, Justin. These games took a hilarious turn, as Conan showcased his mischievous nature by introducing legal implications into their imaginary play.

Through all the playful chatter, it became evident that Conan’s family dynamic played a significant role in shaping his sense of humor. Despite his mischievous nature, Conan expressed love and admiration for his younger brother, Justin, who has now become a lawyer, fighting against injustices.

In typical Conan fashion, the episode was filled with laughter and witty banter, showcasing the host’s unique ability to entertain while exploring various topics. While the arm wrestling match may not have happened, the comedic spirit of the show prevailed, leaving viewers with the entertaining notion of Conan’s unconventional approach to physical fights.