In a recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live“, actor, writer, director, and comedian Ramy Youssef discussed his experience presenting at the Oscars, attending the afterparties, and directing episodes of the talk show “The Bear”. Youssef, whose new stand-up comedy special “Ramy Youssef More Feelings” premiered on HBO and Max, shared his excitement about being at the Oscars and revealed that Wes Anderson, who won the live action short film award, was not present to accept his Oscar. Youssef quipped about Anderson’s absence, joking that while they knew he could make long films, winning a short film award was quite an achievement.

The conversation then turned to the tradition of accepting the award on behalf of absent winners, and Youssef humorously mentioned that he wasn’t allowed anywhere near the Oscar statuette. Instead, it was given to Issa Rae, who may have carried it around the parties. Youssef’s appearance at the Oscars was particularly special as it marked his first major film role after having been cast as various unnamed characters in previous projects.

Youssef also discussed his role in the movie “Poor Things” and revealed that Yorgos Lanthimos, the film’s director, had seen his show and stand-up, leading to the opportunity to work with him. Youssef recounted how he had to learn a British accent for the role and even attended a British accent school, jokingly mentioning a guy named Neil who helped him perfect the accent.

The conversation then shifted to the success of “Poor Things”, which garnered 11 Oscar nominations and several victories. Youssef expressed his shock at being in a room full of people who had seen the movie, considering that many people had only seen billboards advertising it. He compared the experience to that of a rookie baseball player going to the World Series in their first season.

Youssef also shared his experience at the Oscars afterparties, including the Vanity Fair party where he saw his favorite director, Martin Scorsese. Youssef was thrilled that Scorsese knew him from “Poor Things” and shared a conversation with him at the party. He excitedly mentioned that he also saw the Lakers at the party but expressed some disappointment that LeBron James, who he admires, was in attendance since Youssef wanted him to be focused on the basketball season.

The conversation then took a turn towards Youssef’s close-knit religious family, who have seen “Poor Things”. Youssef revealed that he had to prepare his family for the explicit content in the film, highlighting that while others may be nude in the movie, he personally chose to keep his clothes on out of respect for his parents’ beliefs.

Towards the end of the interview, it was revealed that Youssef had directed an episode of “The Bear”, a show created by Chris Storer, who also served as an executive producer for “Ramy”. Youssef expressed his enthusiasm for directing “The Bear” and mentioned that Storer had directed his comedy special. He even shared a funny anecdote about working in a high-end restaurant in Copenhagen for an episode of “The Bear” and how his experience at Panera Bread as a teenager made its way into conversations, much to the chagrin of his colleagues.

Overall, Youssef’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” showcased his wit, charm, and humorous anecdotes about his experiences in the entertainment industry. As his comedy special hits the screens, audiences can expect more of Youssef’s unique perspective and engaging storytelling.