Bruce Willis recently made an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, and it was a must-watch interview for fans. The iconic action star sat down with host Ellen Degeneres to discuss his latest film, “Hostage,” which was set to release that Friday.

The interview started off with Willis jokingly expressing his relief at finally being a guest on the show. He shared a funny anecdote about how he ran into Ellen at a restaurant when she was first starting her show, and he offered to have him as her first guest. However, he never received any phone calls and was left hanging, which led to some playful banter between the two.

As the conversation continued, Ellen asked Willis about his real personality behind the tough and sexy image portrayed on-screen. Willis admitted that he is still trying to figure that out himself. He then playfully revealed that he didn’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s Day, but he received a real valentine from a living human being around 4 p.m. that day, which delighted both him and the audience.

Ellen went on to praise Willis for being a great example of co-parenting and putting his family first, especially since he has three daughters. Willis shared that he and his ex-wife, Demi Moore, chose to prioritize their kids and put any resentment or anger aside after their divorce. He described their approach as an evolution and a way to ensure that their children were the top priority.

The conversation then turned to Willis’s love life, and Ellen inquired about his dating life. Willis mentioned that his daughters, especially his 11-year-old daughter Tula, have a say in who he dates. He revealed that his girls run background checks and give their approval or disapproval of his potential partners.

Throughout the interview, it became clear that Willis has a close bond with his family, and he fondly spoke about his daughters and their involvement in the Girl Scouts. He shared a heartwarming story about his daughter Tula suggesting they send Girl Scout cookies to troops overseas. In the end, they sent a staggering 32,000 cases of Girl Scout cookies, showing their generosity and support for the military.

Before wrapping up the interview, Willis talked about his new movie, “Hostage,” where he plays a hostage negotiator who finds himself in a difficult situation. He expressed his pride in the film and how it offers a thrilling experience for audiences who enjoy being scared.

Overall, Bruce Willis‘s interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show was filled with light-hearted moments, interesting insights into his personal life, and exciting details about his latest film. Fans of Bruce Willis and the talk show format will definitely want to check out this engaging conversation.

Originally aired on March 8, 2005