Celebrity chef José Andrés recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and the interview was full of laughs, interesting stories, and exciting news. Andrés, known for his incredible culinary skills and philanthropic efforts, had a lively chat with Jimmy Fallon, discussing a range of topics including his new book, his Emmy win, caddying at the Masters, and working with Jamie Lee Curtis.

In true Fallon fashion, the conversation began with some playful banter, as Andrés joked about potentially getting into trouble during the interview because his wife was in the audience. Fallon teased him about his fun-loving family and their adventures. Andrés shared that his kids are doing amazing but mentioned that he misses having them close by. However, with his busy schedule, opening restaurants, writing cookbooks, and winning an Emmy, Andrés is constantly on the go.

The interview took an exciting turn as the talk show host brought up Andrés’ experience caddying at the Masters golf tournament. Andrés revealed that he and golfer Sergio Garcia are good friends and that he served as Garcia’s caddie during the par-3 contest. The chef humorously mentioned that everyone wanted to take pictures with him at the tournament because he resembled one of the gnomes that are part of the Masters’ branding and decor.

Switching gears, Fallon congratulated Andrés on his new cookbook, “Zaytinya,” which celebrates the cooking of Greece, Turkey, and Lebanon. The chef explained that “zaytinya” means “olive oil” in Turkish, and the book is filled with quality recipes and stunning photos. Fallon commended Andrés for his attention to detail and always doing things the right way.

The conversation then turned to Andrés’ new Prime Video special, “Dinner Party Diaries with Jose Andres.” The chef revealed that the show aims to raise money for his nonprofit organization, World Central Kitchen. Fallon mentioned a clip featuring Andrés and Jamie Lee Curtis, where Curtis took charge in the kitchen. Andrés praised Curtis, calling her a friend and expressing his admiration for her professionalism. They laughingly recalled how she had taken over and pushed him aside, showcasing her acting skills even in the kitchen.

To wrap up the interview, Fallon proposed a toast with tequila shots, knowing that Andrés enjoys the spirit. They shared a light-hearted moment, with Andrés jokingly mentioning that his wife was watching, and they went on to do the shot with lime and salt, adding an extra zest to the conversation.

Chef José Andrés never fails to bring excitement and entertainment wherever he goes. With his new book, Prime Video special, and ongoing humanitarian efforts, he continues to inspire and delight audiences around the world. Be sure to check out “Zaytinya” and stream “Dinner Party Diaries with Jose Andres” to catch all the action and support a great cause.