Conan O’Brien recently had an entertaining segment on his talk show where he answered audience questions about The Muppets. The host, known for his humorous and lively demeanor, engaged with the audience in his usual charismatic style.

During the segment, Conan interacted with a woman in the audience whose phone went off, interrupting their conversation. Apologizing, Conan handed her a microphone and continued with the show. He even jokingly stood closer to the audience, asking if it was too much for them to handle.

One audience member asked Conan to play a game called “Mary Kill” with male comedians. Conan amusingly responded, mentioning comedian Flula Borg as someone he would choose for a certain aspect of the game, playfully describing him as “chiseled” like a piece of Bavarian furniture.

Continuing with the game, Conan said he would choose to marry Bill Hader because of his talent for impressions, making every day seem like he’s with a different partner. As for the comedian he would “kill,” Conan humorously mentioned actor Jack McBrayer, whom he adores but playfully teased in their interactions.

In another interaction with an audience member, Conan praised her unique hairstyle and expressed his desire to have a similar look. They engaged in playful banter, with Conan even suggesting they trade haircuts because he considers his own hair a curse.

The conversation then took a turn towards The Muppets, as another audience member asked Conan which Muppet he relates to the most and which Muppet should play him in a biopic. Conan revealed his similarity to Cookie Monster due to his quick eating habits, comparing himself to the character’s frantic food consumption. The host expressed his inclination towards Cookie Monster playing him in a biopic, but also considered Elmo as another potential candidate.

Further into the segment, Conan engaged with a fan named Delaney, who had another Muppet-related question. Delaney asked which Muppet Conan would choose to kiss and why. Conan playfully responded, sharing an anecdote about his visit to the set of Sesame Street, where he saw Snuffleupagus hanging from the ceiling. The sight horrified Conan, leaving him intrigued and wanting to see Snuffleupagus alive. He humorously suggested the idea of a romantic liaison with the Muppet, showcasing his humorous and unabashed personality.

Conan’s segment on The Muppets was filled with laughter, witty banter, and his trademark comedic style. The audience thoroughly enjoyed his entertaining responses and interactions throughout the talk show, making it another memorable and hilarious episode of Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.