Recently, Adele made an appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and gave a full interview that had viewers laughing and entertained. The interview started off on a high note, with Ellen expressing her excitement about having Adele on the show. Adele decided to surprise the audience by singing during the interview, which was a last-minute decision and added an unexpected beautiful moment to the show. Ellen thanked Adele for agreeing to sing and praised her for her willingness to share her talent with the audience.

During the interview, Adele shared the story behind her performance at the Grammy Awards and how technical issues affected her performance. She explained that during the soundcheck, the microphones fell onto the piano strings, causing a disruptive guitar noise. Despite the mishap, Adele powered through the performance and even though she felt slightly pitchy, she received an outpouring of support from fans and fellow musicians.

Adele also opened up about her life since becoming a global sensation. She mentioned that fame has made her more guarded and mindful of what she says in public. However, she acknowledged that this is a small price to pay for her success. She also revealed that she loves cleaning and finds it satisfying, especially when she can clear up the mess left by her messy boyfriend.

The interview took a lighthearted turn when Ellen surprised Adele with some gifts. Knowing Adele‘s love for cleaning, Ellen gave her a suitcase filled with cleaning supplies. Adele was thrilled and thanked Ellen for the thoughtful gift. To add to the excitement, Ellen also gifted Adele‘s three-year-old son, Angelo, a private jet toy to enjoy during their travels.

In addition to the interview, Adele participated in some fun games on the show. One game called “Five Second Rule” required Adele to quickly name three things in a given category within five seconds. Both Adele and Ellen showcased their quick thinking and had a fun time competing.

As always, Ellen made sure to surprise Adele with a hilarious prank. Adele‘s supposed assistant, Simone, pretended to be a regular person and asked Adele questions about Jamba Juice. Adele, unfamiliar with the concept, was curious and asked for recommendations. Simone jokingly offered a made-up drink called “Swishy Chug” from England, amusing Adele even more.

Overall, Adele‘s appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” was entertaining, filled with laughter, and showcased Adele‘s down-to-earth personality. It is always refreshing to see a celebrity like Adele remain humble despite her immense success.