In a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, Kevin Hart stole the spotlight with his hilarious outburst. While discussing their time on the hit sitcom Modern Family, Hart shouted, “Graham, will you f*cking step in?!” The unexpected moment left the audience in stitches.

The conversation started with the cast reminiscing about their experiences on Modern Family. Hart, who made a guest appearance on the show, admitted that he didn’t have any scenes with his co-star, Graham Norton. Although he didn’t interact with Hart on set, Norton fondly spoke about his time working with the cast for 11 seasons.

As the conversation continued, Norton and his guests touched on the emotional impact of ending such a long-running show. Norton revealed that the day they wrapped up filming, they had no idea that the pandemic would strike, preventing them from having a proper reunion.

Later in the episode, Norton shifted the conversation to another topic – red carpet posing. The talk show host turned to his guest, Paul Mescal, and reminded him about the advice he gave him on posing for pictures. Mescal explained that Norton’s guidance was all about walking up to the mark, walking past it, rocking back onto the left foot, and leaning back. The demonstration left the audience in awe and laughter.

The casual conversation took an unexpected turn when the topic of sleeping with eyes open came up. Norton shared that he has always slept with his eyes open, much to the surprise of the audience. The conversation brought up strange sleeping habits, causing the guests to playfully joke about bizarre dreams and sleeping on trains.

The hilarity didn’t stop there, as the discussion progressed to a playful debate about the term “goo” used in the culinary world. Norton and his guests humorously debated if it was appropriate to ask a chef for “goo” on a plate, sparking laughter from the audience.

As the episode neared its end, Norton engaged in a musical segment with Bernie Marsden. Marsden showcased a Turkish instrument called a saz and played a beautiful arrangement of “Candle in the Wind,” a song he co-wrote with Elton John. The performance mesmerized the audience and showcased the versatility of the saz.

The show concluded on a lighthearted note with a hilarious conversation about scrotal aging, a phenomenon shared by Norton’s dermatologist. Norton humorously shared some bizarre procedures people opt for, including BOTOX injections into testicles, which is known as “scrotox.” The unexpected revelation left the audience in fits of laughter.

The Graham Norton Show once again succeeded in delivering an entertaining and lively episode filled with funny moments, celebrity anecdotes, and unexpected discussions. As always, Norton’s charm and wit kept both the guests and the audience entertained throughout the show.