Leslie Bibb recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and shared some exciting news about her recent projects. One of the highlights of the interview was her mention of filming the highly anticipated White Lotus Season 3 in Thailand. Although Leslie couldn’t reveal many details due to strict non-disclosure agreements, she did express her admiration for the show’s creator, Mike White. Leslie described him as a “dreamboat” and praised his talent and wit.

Another topic that came up during the interview was Leslie’s appearance at the Oscars with her husband, Sam Rockwell. Leslie jokingly mentioned using the slang term “rizz” to describe Sam’s charisma. The audience had a good laugh, and Leslie described Sam as someone who is incredibly cool and comfortable in his own skin. She shared an amusing story about Sam coming out on stage with a cane, which he had improvised himself.

Leslie also discussed her upcoming project “Palm Royale,” which boasts an impressive cast including Kristen Wiig, Allison Janney, Ricky Martin, and the legendary Carol Burnett. Leslie expressed her excitement about working with these talented individuals, particularly mentioning her awe at being in the presence of Carol Burnett. She described a memorable moment during the table read, where Carol attended even though her character was in a coma, adding her unique comedic touch by moaning and groaning whenever required.

Leslie had high praise for her co-star Kristen Wiig, highlighting her brilliance as an actress and her undeniable comedic talent. Leslie shared some behind-the-scenes stories of their hilarious moments while filming, including a scene where they had to portray drunk and drugged characters from the 1960s. The chemistry between Leslie and Kristen was evident as they shared on-screen laughter and struggled to keep a straight face during certain scenes.

To give the audience a sneak peek, The Tonight Show played a clip from “Palm Royale” featuring Leslie and Kristen in character. The clip showcased their comedic timing and the dynamic energy between the two actors.

Fans can catch Leslie Bibb in “Palm Royale,” which premieres globally on Apple TV+. With its star-studded cast and Leslie’s undeniable talent, this series promises to deliver both rizz and buzz. Stay tuned for another entertaining and captivating performance from Leslie Bibb!

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