In a recent episode of the talk show, The Jonathan Ross Show, actor Patrick Dempsey was in for a surprise as renowned actor John Malkovich read out some hilarious tweets about Gray’s Anatomy. The audience erupted in applause as the segment began, setting the stage for a lively and entertaining conversation.

Ross kicked off the conversation by expressing his delight at having Dempsey back on the show. The actor graciously accepted the warm welcome and shared his excitement about the release of Bridget Jones, in which he reprised his role. He revealed that it had been 12 years since the last film in the series, making the return all the more special. Dempsey also provided some insights into his character, describing Bridget as a more mature and accomplished woman, but still hopelessly romantic.

Ross then turned to Dempsey’s co-star, Jack Quant, and asked if he was a fan of the Bridget Jones films before joining the cast. Dempsey jovially admitted that he was indeed a fan, which drew laughter from the audience. The conversation shifted to Quant’s role in the film, where he plays a character who develops a dating app with the goal of bringing people together for their happily ever after.

As the banter continued, Ross playfully asked Quant if he could attempt an English accent. Quant jokingly declined, citing his ongoing efforts to perfect his American accent. Ross teasingly mentioned that working with English actors like Colin Firth had influenced Dempsey’s accent, further fueling the lighthearted exchange between the guests.

Ross then praised the film’s cameo appearance by Air, expressing his curiosity about working with the musician. Dempsey spoke highly of him, describing Air as a great and talented guy. The conversation then veered towards the initial stages of their careers, with Dempsey reminiscing about one of his early auditions for a Sony cassette commercial. The clip amused the audience, showcasing Dempsey’s youthful charm and dance moves, complete with an unconventional shoulder-baring top.

In a more introspective turn, Ross asked Dempsey about his decision to take a break from the film industry after Grey’s Anatomy. Dempsey explained that he wanted to step away from the constant cycle of film production and promotion to focus on personal growth. He emphasized the importance of committing time to oneself and finding authenticity in conversations and interactions outside of the industry’s spotlight.

The discussion took a humorous turn as Ross and Dempsey exchanged jokes about the potential pitfalls of having extended time off. Dempsey whimsically implied that he had avoided heavy drinking but admitted to enjoying a well-deserved break after a long stint on a show. Ross playfully suggested that Dempsey might have indulged in acquiring some new skills, to which Dempsey replied with a grin, “I’ve been working on my house.”

The conversation ended on a light note, with Ross marveling at the admiration and attention Dempsey received from fans of Grey’s Anatomy. To add a touch of fun, Malkovich stepped in and offered to read some Grey’s Anatomy tweets from fans, highlighting the actor’s appeal. The tweets ranged from humorous to overtly suggestive, prompting laughter from the audience and Dempsey’s appreciative response.

As the episode came to a close, Dempsey and Malkovich bid their farewell, leaving the audience entertained and eagerly awaiting the next exciting installment of The Jonathan Ross Show.