The Smothers Brothers, Tom and Dick, made a surprising announcement on the recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. The duo revealed that they will be retiring their act from show business at the end of this year. This news came as a shock to their fans, as it is the first public announcement of their retirement plans.

As the Smothers Brothers took the stage, they received a warm welcome from the audience. They opened their performance by dedicating a song to the athletes participating in the Montreal Olympics. Tom, the talented yo-yo player, showcased his skills with the iconic toy as Dick accompanied him on the harmonica. The duo entertained the crowd with tricks like “walk the dog” and “baby in the cradle.” They even attempted a difficult trick with two yo-yos, a feat that only Tom has mastered.

However, retirement seems to be calling the Smothers Brothers in different directions. Dick expressed his desire to step back from performing and focus on other interests. He mentioned his passion for farming and winemaking, hoping to spend more time on his farm and vineyard. On the other hand, Tom shared his plans to join the Air Force and pursue a career in the military. He believes that this path will provide him with stability, meaningful work, and the opportunity to serve his country.

During their interview with Johnny Carson, the brothers discussed their retirement decision further. Dick emphasized that they had been working together for over 17 years and felt it was time for a change. Although he still enjoys performing, he yearns to explore new avenues and see Tom thrive on his own. On the other hand, Tom expressed his excitement about joining the Air Force, highlighting the benefits it offers, such as technical training, a steady income, and the chance to travel the world.

Amidst the retirement news and career changes, Tom also revealed his involvement in a play called “Played Against Us” by Woody Allen. This marks his first venture into the world of theater, and he admitted to feeling a bit nervous about memorizing all the lines. However, he believes in the spontaneity and freshness of each performance, expressing his discomfort with rigidly memorizing dialogue.

As the Smothers Brothers prepare to bid farewell to show business, they expressed their gratitude towards their fans, CBS, and even former President Richard Nixon for the opportunities and support they received throughout their career. With their retirement approaching, fans can expect to catch them for a limited time as they perform at various venues until the end of the year.

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson provided a platform for the Smothers Brothers to share their retirement plans with the world. Their announcement left fans both nostalgic and excited for the new paths that lie ahead for these talented entertainers.