David Arquette made an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show to promote his movie, “Stealing Sinatra,” and to share some exciting news about his personal life. The charismatic actor sat down with Ellen to discuss his upcoming role and the anticipation of becoming a father.

As the audience erupted in applause, David expressed his enthusiasm for being on the show. He mentioned that he was trying to bring the Vegas vibe to the set, although he admitted that the apple juice in his glass was a far cry from a cocktail. He also reassured viewers that he doesn’t actually smoke, despite the props on the stage making him a bit uncomfortable.

Ellen complimented David’s unique fashion choices, to which he revealed that he had worn a particular outfit as a tribute to Kermit the Frog receiving a star on the Hollywood Boulevard. However, he humorously mentioned that the media failed to mention the reason behind his attire, instead focusing on making mean-spirited comments about his appearance.

The conversation then shifted to David’s exciting news: he and his partner, Courtney Cox, were expecting a baby in July. Overjoyed, David shared his enthusiasm for becoming a father. Ellen playfully commented on how interestingly he dresses and presented him with an adorable outfit for the baby, predicting that their child would have a unique sense of style.

David also shared that they were considering different names for the baby, mentioning Gizmo for a boy and SAS Barilla for a girl. Ellen playfully approved of the names and encouraged them to explore more options. She agreed that their baby would inevitably have a wardrobe as interesting as David’s.

The topic then turned to the couple’s pets, two King Charles Spaniels and a Bernese Mountain Dog. David expressed concern about introducing the dogs to the baby, as they currently slept in their bed. He jokingly suggested building a fort to keep the dogs away from the newborn. Ellen, offering playful advice, urged David to start reading books on preparing dogs for the arrival of a baby.

As the interview wound down, David briefly discussed his movie, “Stealing Sinatra,” which is based on the real-life kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Jr. He talked about his encounter with Frank Sinatra Jr. after watching his show in Las Vegas. After a tense moment, the two men managed to bond, with Sinatra Jr. offering his support for the film.

David’s appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show was filled with laughter, light-hearted banter, and exciting announcements. From discussing his unique fashion choices to sharing his joy about becoming a father, David Arquette brought energy and charisma to the talk show stage.

[Insert Air Date] on The Ellen Degeneres Show, David Arquette‘s interview captivated audiences with his charm and enthusiasm, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of his baby in July.