In a recent episode of the talk show Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, rock legend Jon Bon Jovi sat down with Conan O’Brien to discuss his incredible journey in the music industry. One of the highlights of their conversation was when Bon Jovi shared the story of how he performed in the Soviet Union in 1989, a time when rock bands were not allowed to enter the country.

Bon Jovi revealed that the Soviet Union was a highly restrictive environment for musicians. Merely thinking about having an album could lead to imprisonment. Security at the concert was tighter backstage, especially around the catering area, as the KGB feared that the sight of Hard Rock Café’s cheeseburgers and French fries could incite a riot.

The reason Bon Jovi found himself performing in the Soviet Union was to save his first manager, who was in trouble with the law for allegedly smuggling a large amount of marijuana into America. As part of a plea bargain, Bon Jovi agreed to promote peace and harmony in the Soviet Union, which kept his manager out of prison.

Throughout the interview, Bon Jovi emphasized his unwavering passion for music. He admitted that fame was never the driving force behind his career. Instead, it was the sheer love and dedication to his craft that propelled him forward. Bon Jovi also shared his thoughts on young aspiring artists who prioritize fame over genuine passion, urging them to find something they genuinely love and let that drive their success.

The conversation took a lighter turn when O’Brien complimented Bon Jovi’s wife, Dorothy, for her singing along at concerts. Bon Jovi affectionately referred to her as his most honest fan, who would not hesitate to tell him if something didn’t sound good. The couple, who has been together since high school, has stood the test of time in a notoriously fickle industry.

Towards the end of the interview, O’Brien brought up Bon Jovi’s foray into the wine business. Bon Jovi’s company, Hampton Water, has released a highly successful rosé that has garnered significant attention. Although Bon Jovi humbly credits his son for the company’s success, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to joke about creating a Conan O’Brien-inspired product, eventually suggesting Conan Pomade.

In conclusion, this entertaining and lively conversation between Jon Bon Jovi and Conan O’Brien showcased the rock legend’s remarkable career and his commitment to his craft. From performing in the Soviet Union to advocating for genuine passion in the entertainment industry, Bon Jovi’s story continues to inspire generations of music enthusiasts.