In a recent episode of the talk show “Alan Carr: Chatty Man,” host Alan Carr welcomed a star-studded lineup that included West Ham, Chelsea, Manchester City, and England football legend Frank Lampard, comedian Noel Fielding, singer Lethal Bizzle, and EastEnders actress Denise Van Outen. The episode kicked off with Carr’s trademark humor, as he jokingly talked about Prince Charles’ helicopter trip to Ascot and a man with 40 children from 20 different women.

But the main focus of the episode was Lampard’s appearance. The retired footballer, who is set to play for New York City Football Club, talked about his experience house hunting in New York City and the excitement of joining a new club. Lampard also discussed the passionate fans in America and their enthusiastic support during games.

Carr couldn’t help but ask Lampard about his past experiences, particularly his time at Chelsea, where he became the club’s all-time top scorer with 211 goals. Lampard talked about the support from Chelsea fans and the special bond he shares with them.

Besides his football career, Lampard revealed that he has been working on a different venture – writing children’s books. He explained that the inspiration behind his book series, “Frankie’s Magic Football,” came from reading with his two daughters. Lampard expressed his desire to encourage children, especially boys, to read more and embrace the educational value and storytelling in books. He emphasized the importance of providing positive role models for young readers.

As the conversation continued, Carr addressed the lack of gay footballers in the sport and asked Lampard for his thoughts. Lampard acknowledged that there is still progress to be made in football when it comes to inclusivity and acceptance. He expressed his hope that more players would feel comfortable coming out, and emphasized the need for respect and support from fans and the football community.

The episode also featured comedian Noel Fielding, who showcased his colorful art exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall. Carr and Fielding discussed the artist’s unique style and showcased some of his vibrant and creative paintings.

Towards the end of the episode, Carr invited audience members to draw their own portraits of him and Fielding. The drawings were collected and would be revealed at the end of the show, adding a fun and interactive element to the episode.

Overall, this episode of “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” offered a lively mix of laughter, celebrity interviews, and engaging discussions. Lampard’s appearance allowed viewers to learn more about his career, his passion for children’s literature, and his thoughts on important issues in the world of football. Fielding’s art exhibition added a touch of creativity and showcased his artistic talents. Another entertaining and engaging installment of this popular chat show.