Guests John Travolta and Goran Visnjic made a lively appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, where they shared stories about random acts of kindness and Travolta’s recent milestone birthday celebration. The episode began with Ellen giving an update on a bird’s nest she had to move, thanks to a bird specialist. This led to a discussion about doing what you love and eventually being rewarded for it.

Travolta then recounted his extravagant 50th birthday party, which his wife had been planning for a year. The party was held at a hotel in Mexico and featured an impressive lineup of celebrity guests, including Carly Simon, Natalie Cole, and Tony Bennett. Tom Cruise even presented Travolta with a birthday cake. The actor was moved to tears throughout the night and couldn’t believe the effort his wife had gone to keep the surprise a secret.

Ellen praised Travolta for his positive energy and how he uplifts people’s spirits, even on their worst days. Travolta thanked her and mentioned how her show had brought him out of a funk one day when he couldn’t find anything entertaining on TV. He also expressed his admiration for her ability to make everyone feel special.

The conversation then shifted to Travolta’s iconic dance moves, particularly his finger-in-the-air move from the movie Saturday Night Fever. Travolta explained that it was a last-minute idea during a photoshoot, and he was delirious from the long hours they had been working. The pose has since become synonymous with the film and disco culture.

Before wrapping up, Ellen highlighted Travolta’s passion for flying and the unique carport he has at his home in Florida, where he can park his private jet. The segment concluded with a fun discussion about Travolta’s sleeping habits and his preference for wearing big headphones.

Overall, the episode was filled with laughter, heartwarming stories, and reminders to always follow your passion and spread kindness. The lively banter between Travolta, Visnjic, and Ellen made for an entertaining and uplifting watch.

Originally aired on April 21, 2004