In a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, legendary drummer Buddy Rich made a guest appearance that left the audience in awe. Known as one of the world’s greatest drummers, Rich showcased his incredible talent and promoted his new album, “Speak No Evil.”

Carson introduced Rich as the “Prince of Darkness,” setting the stage for an exciting and electrifying performance. The album, a fusion of rock and jazz, received high praise and excitement from RCA Records. Rich himself expressed his enthusiasm for the new release and even invited Carson to join him as a relief drummer on his upcoming tour.

Their banter and friendly rivalry added to the lively atmosphere of the show, with Carson playfully teasing Rich about his drumming skills. Rich, known for his quick wit, fired back with a humorous remark, keeping the audience entertained. Their chemistry on stage was palpable, creating an engaging and enjoyable segment.

Aside from his album, Rich also shared his recent performances with the Dallas Symphony and upcoming show at Carnegie Hall. He revealed a collaboration with Tommy Newsome, who composed a remarkable score for him based on West Side Story. The fusion of Rich’s jazz band with Newsome’s symphony orchestra garnered much acclaim, leading to a request from Rich to have RCA record the entire piece.

The conversation took an unexpected turn when Carson broached the topic of Rich’s recent back surgery. Despite having major surgery just days before, Rich managed to perform in Long Island the following night without showing any signs of pain. The drummer’s dedication and passion for his craft were evident as he dismissed any concerns, stating that he would have the stitches removed while playing if it meant keeping the music going.

Carson couldn’t help but jest about having someone remove the stitches from Rich’s back on stage. The playful exchange between the two demonstrated the mischievous sense of humor that has become a trademark of The Tonight Show.

To conclude the segment, Rich treated the audience to an incredible drum solo, demonstrating his expertise and captivating the crowd with his remarkable talent. The performance left everyone in awe and eager to witness more of Rich’s drumming prowess.

Fans of Buddy Rich and The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson were undoubtedly satisfied with the electric energy and camaraderie displayed during this episode. Rich’s appearance truly put on a clinic and showcased his unstoppable drumming skills, leaving a lasting impression on both the studio and at-home audience.

The episode featuring Buddy Rich on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson aired on [mention air date]. The incredible performance and engaging banter between Rich and Carson made for an unforgettable and entertaining experience for viewers.