On a recent episode of “The Graham Norton Show,” some of Hollywood’s biggest stars gathered for a hilarious and entertaining chat. One of the standout moments of the episode was when actor Ben Affleck revealed a surprising detail about his early acting career.

During the show, Affleck shared a video from his school days in which he performed a statistics rap. The video, which he posted online, showed a young Affleck rapping about statistics in a less-than-impressive manner. Affleck admitted that he received a less-than-stellar grade for his effort but also acknowledged that his project was far from par with other students’ more statistical-based presentations.

In addition to Affleck’s confession, the episode was filled with other intriguing moments. For example, the conversation turned to the topic of growing older, with actor Seth Rogen jokingly pointing out Affleck’s aging appearance. Rogen himself faced similar comments when he was younger due to his mature appearance.

The talk show also welcomed actress Margot Robbie, who shared a funny and embarrassing story. Robbie revealed that she had a obsession with Harry Potter when she was younger and even celebrated her birthday by dressing up as a character from the series. She also disclosed that her husband had a connection to the franchise, having appeared as an extra in one of the films.

Speaking of Harry Potter, actor Daniel Radcliffe, known for his iconic role as Harry Potter, also made an appearance on the show. Radcliffe discussed his previous encounters with time travel rumors, showcasing various photos that supposedly depict him in different time periods. He lightheartedly commented on the resemblance between himself and individuals from the past, sparking laughter among the audience.

The episode also delved into the realm of fashion, with discussions about the unique style choices of some of the guests. Lady Gaga shared a childhood photo of herself dressed as Michelle Pfeiffer, while actor Ryan Reynolds unveiled a throwback picture of himself donning a questionable sweater. Jodie Whittaker, the actress known for her role as the first female Doctor Who, even shared a photo of herself sporting an ’80s pop star look, complete with pink hair tips.

Furthermore, the talk show touched on the career paths of the guests. Singer and actress Lady Gaga, for example, opened up about her early struggles in the modeling industry, including a failed photoshoot for a well-known brand. She humbly admitted that her modeling career never quite took off, but it was a valuable learning experience for her.

Overall, the episode of “The Graham Norton Show” was filled with entertaining moments, candid confessions, and humorous anecdotes from some of Hollywood’s most beloved celebrities. The lively interaction and unexpected revelations made for a truly delightful and engaging episode.

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