In a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, Paul Rudd had a fanboy moment over a prop from a blockbuster film. The talk show, known for bringing together a star-studded lineup, never fails to create exciting and memorable moments.

During the show, fellow guest Amelia Clark revealed that she had the opportunity to chat with everyone backstage. When asked if she got to talk to Paul Rudd, she confessed to being a huge fan of his. Blushing, she admitted that she loves him. This confession left Paul Rudd speechless and flattered by the compliment.

But the fun didn’t stop there. Dominic Cooper, another guest on the show, mentioned that his daughter is a huge fan of Paul Rudd, to the point of being obsessive. This revelation left Paul Rudd pleasantly surprised and flattered once again. He even joked that Cooper’s mom would pass out if she knew he was sitting with Paul Rudd.

The conversation took an interesting turn when Matt LeBlanc, also a guest on the show, mentioned that he is obsessed with Paul Rudd‘s new job. LeBlanc revealed that he had wanted the same role, but Rudd was ultimately chosen for it. LeBlanc admitted to falling out of watching Game of Thrones, a show in which Amelia Clark stars, but expressed his admiration for her and her role on the show.

The banter continued as the guests shared their experiences and admiration for one another. The conversation took a hilarious twist when the sound of a chicken-like laugh interrupted the flow. The guests couldn’t help but laugh, even though they thought it was a mechanical issue.

As the show progressed, the star-struck moments continued. Jason Momoa, who appeared on The Graham Norton Show previously, expressed his admiration for Amelia Clark‘s role on Game of Thrones. He revealed that he had watched all eight seasons of the show in just one month, and he wanted to meet her as a dedicated fan.

The excitement escalated when David Beckham, also a guest on the show, asked to take a picture with Finn, a character played by John Boyega in Star Wars. Beckham playfully stated that it would make his kids jealous if he posed with a lightsaber.

The genuine admiration didn’t stop there. Keanu Reeves took a moment to express his gratitude to Paul Rudd for inspiring him through his performance in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Reeves revealed that Rudd’s performance in the film made him start living life to the fullest. Paul Rudd was deeply moved by this compliment and thanked Reeves for his kind words.

Christopher Walken, known for his unique voice and mannerisms, became a topic of conversation as the guests shared their impressions of him. They all agreed that Walken is an actor that many people imitate, citing classic lines from his films.

This episode of The Graham Norton Show showcased the genuine camaraderie and admiration among the celebrities. It was filled with funny and heartwarming moments that made for an entertaining talk show experience. The Graham Norton Show once again proved why it is one of the most popular chat shows, bringing celebrities together and creating memorable interactions.