In a recent episode of the David Letterman talk show, the audience was treated to a jaw-dropping display of magic by the incredible Ricky Jay. The renowned magician and illusionist wowed the crowd with his shower trick, leaving everyone amazed and delighted.

Ricky Jay, who is the subject of a new documentary titled “Deceptive Practices: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky J,” has been captivating audiences with his mesmerizing performances for years. During his appearance on the talk show, he discussed the state of magic in the world today, pointing out how the accessibility of magic techniques on the internet has changed the landscape.

In his early days, Ricky Jay learned magic as a closed shop, with knowledge passed down from mentor to student. He spoke fondly of his time studying under D Vernon, the great sleight of hand man, and other magicians like Charlie Miller, who played a significant role in his development as a magician.

The conversation also delved into the topic of large-scale illusion shows versus sleight of hand magic. While Ricky Jay acknowledged the impressive skills of magicians like Penn and Teller, Sigfried and Roy, and David Copperfield, he highlighted the distinct differences between their performances and the world of sleight of hand.

One of the highlights of the talk show episode was when Ricky Jay shared an amusing anecdote about his shower trick. It involved a sheriff from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department becoming obsessed with figuring out how Ricky Jay turned two $1 bills into a $2 bill. The sheriff followed Ricky Jay into the shower, where he finally witnessed the trick firsthand. Ricky Jay humorously explained that the person’s presence actually helped him perform the trick more quickly, although it was also a way to get the persistent sheriff to leave him alone.

Throughout the show, Ricky Jay showcased the different aspects of magic – from his childhood illusions to his mastery of throwing cards. He reminisced about his mentors, particularly Al Flosso, known as the Coney Island Faker, who had once performed on The Ed Sullivan Show. Ricky Jay even shared a clip from the show, demonstrating Flosso’s unique and humorous approach to magic.

The interview ended with Ricky Jay performing a mind-reading trick for David Letterman and the audience. Using his keen observation skills, Ricky Jay deduced a chosen card from Letterman’s reactions, showcasing the difference between a gambler’s approach and a magician’s intuition.

Overall, Ricky Jay‘s appearance on the David Letterman talk show was a thrilling and captivating experience. His incredible talent and passion for the art of magic shone through, leaving everyone in awe of his skills. “Deceptive Practices: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky J” is sure to be an intriguing documentary for magic enthusiasts and curious viewers alike. Don’t miss the chance to witness the captivating world of magic through the eyes of Ricky Jay when the documentary opens nationwide in May.