Animal Expert David Mizejewski wows audiences on CONAN as he showcases extraordinary creatures, including a tamandua and a toucan.

During his appearance on the talk show hosted by the hilarious Conan O’Brien, Mizejewski introduces viewers to fascinating animals that are bound to leave them in awe. One of the animals featured is a tamandua, also known as an anteater. As Mizejewski holds the amazing creature, he remarks on its fascinating appearance, comparing its head to that of something stuck in a drain. However, he assures viewers that the tamandua is harmless, incapable of biting.

To show off the tamandua’s unique abilities, Mizejewski offers the animal a treat: sprinkles. He even sets up a friendly competition between the tamandua and Conan to see who can eat the sprinkles faster. As Conan marvels at the tamandua’s 12-inch tongue, Mizejewski reveals that the creature uses its long tongue to reach into ant and termite mounds for food. This South American species of anteater primarily survives on insects, with occasional treats like sprinkles.

Moving on to another incredible creature, Mizejewski presents a toucan to Conan and the audience. As Conan mistakenly goes for the toucan’s food, Mizejewski corrects him and hands over the blueberries meant for the toucan. Like a pro, the toucan effortlessly catches each berry with its impressive beak. Mizejewski explains that toucans are tropical birds that inhabit the jungles of Central and South America, using their beaks to locate and consume fruits, and sometimes even small animals.

Mizejewski offers Conan the chance to hold the toucan, and Conan excitedly accepts. With his hand outstretched, he witnesses the toucan mushing the food against his palm to prepare it for swallowing. The majestic bird demonstrates its natural behaviors and shows off its vibrant plumage, captivating the audience.

Throughout the segment, Mizejewski’s lighthearted banter with Conan adds an entertaining touch to the show. Their exchange about the tamandua’s peculiar blue poop provides a humorous moment. In the animal expert’s dedication to wildlife conservation, he highlights the importance of not keeping animals like the toucan as pets. Tropical birds such as the toucan are under threat due to people capturing them from the wild.

Animal lovers and fans of Conan O’Brien alike will surely enjoy this engaging and educational segment featuring the incredible creatures brought by animal expert David Mizejewski. Be sure to catch this exciting episode of CONAN on TBS for a captivating glimpse into the fascinating world of these remarkable animals.