In a recent episode of “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” Ellen took a moment to discuss the ending of the beloved sitcom “Friends.” With Thursday being the day the show aired, it was a bittersweet goodbye to a show that has captured the hearts of millions over the years.

Ellen expressed her fondness for the show, mentioning how she had been faithfully watching it from the beginning. She even admitted to taking a few months off at one point but quickly caught up because she didn’t want to miss the ending.

However, when Ellen tuned in after her break, she was momentarily confused. The apartment was messier than she remembered, and the characters seemed to have undergone some significant changes. Turns out, she had accidentally tuned into “Survivor” instead of her beloved “Friends.”

Ellen went on to reminisce about the impact the show had on pop culture. From the iconic hairstyles to the lovable characters, “Friends” had left an indelible mark. Ellen playfully joked about how she wished her own friends were as low-maintenance as the ones on the show, and she couldn’t help but mention the beloved monkey that graced the screen.

As the show draws to a close, Ellen shared her predictions for the characters’ future. Joey moving to LA to start his own show, Monica and Chandler settling down in New Jersey, and the eternal question of whether Ross and Rachel would get back together were all up for consideration. One thing Ellen was sure of, though, was that Phoebe would make a fortune by subletting her apartment.

While saying goodbye to “Friends” is undoubtedly a difficult moment for fans, Ellen reminded everyone that they would now be able to catch reruns of the show every day. And as a true fan, Ellen knew just the way to lift her spirits – dancing.

But the ending of “Friends” wasn’t the only exciting topic on the show that day. Ellen also welcomed Lindsay Lohan, who was riding high on the success of her movie “Mean Girls.” Lindsay was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful people by People Magazine, a well-deserved title according to Ellen.

Additionally, Kevin Sorbo from the show “Andromeda” made an appearance. Ellen had been trying to have him on the show for a while, and finally, her wish came true.

Ellen shared her experience with being featured on the cover of Us magazine, which had been an enjoyable project. She mentioned how the “looky L” trend had spiraled between her show and the magazine, resulting in fun and interesting content for the readers.

The episode also featured Scott Hagwood, a four-time national memory champion, who amazed everyone with his memory skills. He memorized everyone’s name in the audience and flawlessly recited the names of individuals sitting in the back row.

The episode ended with a trip to the mall, where Ellen captured some entertaining footage of her time there. It was a fitting end to a lively and memorable episode.

As “Friends” comes to a close, fans can expect a range of emotions. Ellen, being a true fan herself, understood the impact the show had on people’s lives and shared her own personal connection with it. With her unique mix of humor and heartfelt notes, Ellen ensured that fans would remember “Friends” with fondness and appreciate the laughter it brought into their lives.

Originally aired on May 6, 2004