In a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host didn’t hold back when discussing former President Donald Trump‘s turbulent day in court. Trump experienced three major blows as three different judges ruled against him in various cases. The first case in Georgia, known as the “find me a th 11,000 votes case,” saw the judge reject Trump’s claim that his phone calls to overturn the election were protected by free speech. In the Florida case, Trump’s argument that he could take classified documents under the presidential records act was denied by a judge he had appointed. Lastly, in New York, an attempt to delay the Stormy Daniels case was rejected by a judge who stated that hush money paid to an adult film star is not related to a president’s official act.

Despite these legal setbacks, Trump continued his rallies where he shamelessly exploited the murder of a young woman in Michigan. Trump used this tragic event to further his false narrative that immigrants commit more crimes than Americans. However, it was later revealed that Trump had never actually spoken to the family of the deceased woman, despite claiming to have done so. Kimmel humorously questioned whether Trump’s brain had turned to oatmeal, causing him to confuse a story he read in the New York Post with a conversation he had with a grieving loved one.

In another noteworthy event, Trump hosted a star-studded fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago for Republican candidate Carrie Lake. The event featured none other than Roseanne Barr, who has herself transitioned from being a Democrat donor to a supporter of Trump. Kimmel couldn’t help but mockingly suggest that perhaps college is not worth attending, given the absurdities witnessed in politics.

Turning to Biden’s presidency, Kimmel highlighted how Republicans have resorted to complaining about trivial matters, such as the size of the Filet-O-Fish at McDonald’s. While Biden is focused on pressing issues, conservatives are obsessing over sandwich proportions. Kimmel also took the opportunity to poke fun at Trump supporters, who seem to believe any nonsensical statement made by their former president.

Moving beyond politics, Kimmel shared some tech news involving Apple. According to Bloomberg, Apple engineers have been working on a household robot that will assist with chores. Kimmel humorously commented that this “robot” sounds a lot like children and expressed concern that the next generation may become too reliant on technology.

As the episode continued, Kimmel lightheartedly addressed various random topics, including a major heist in Los Angeles, young people struggling with basic tasks like addressing envelopes, and even a comical mishap during the official opening of the Olympic pool.

In conclusion, the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live provided viewers with a humorous take on Donald Trump‘s legal battles, political absurdities, and entertaining news snippets. Kimmel never shies away from delivering his unique brand of humor while dissecting current events and providing viewers with a lively entertainment experience.