On a recent episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, comedian Tom Allen got a surprise visit from professional boxer, Anthony Joshua. In a hilarious and entertaining segment, Joshua gave Allen some boxing tips, showcasing his expertise in the ring.

During the chat show, Allen expressed his desire to break into professional boxing and admitted that he needed to work on his left hook and right uppercut. Joshua graciously offered to give him a few pointers and the duo headed to what they jokingly referred to as “the arena.”

As Allen geared up in boxing gloves, Joshua jokingly suggested that he wear protective headgear, considering his expensive suit. The banter between the two kept the atmosphere lively and fun.

Joshua initiated the training session by demonstrating a jab, which Allen tried to replicate. With a series of coaching instructions, Joshua guided Allen on combining various punches, including a jab, right hook, left hook, and uppercut. Allen surprisingly held his own, impressing both Joshua and the audience with his skills.

The segment concluded with Joshua reminding Allen to hold the pads a safe distance from his face, giving a glimpse of what boxing in the ring would feel like. Allen seemed to enjoy the experience, exclaiming, “That was amazing!”

Fans of both Allen and Joshua were left entertained by this unique crossover between comedy and boxing. The segment showcased Joshua’s friendly and down-to-earth personality, while Allen’s willingness to take on the challenge demonstrated his enthusiasm for new experiences.

With The Jonathan Ross Show known for its entertaining and star-studded episodes, this interaction between Anthony Joshua and Tom Allen is sure to become a memorable moment in talk show history. Whether Allen pursues boxing professionally or not, this lighthearted segment will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most amusing and unexpected on the show.

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