David Bowie Promised Lulu They’d Make a “F***ing Hit Record” on The Jonathan Ross Show. In a recent episode of the renowned talk show, The Jonathan Ross Show, music icon Lulu opened up about her experience working with the legendary David Bowie. As it turns out, Bowie had sought out Lulu because he admired her unique voice and wanted to collaborate with her on a successful record.

Lulu revealed that early in her career, she faced difficulties negotiating with record labels who wanted her to sing pop songs that didn’t align with her style. However, when she met David Bowie, everything changed. Bowie understood Lulu‘s talent and recognized that the record labels didn’t fully grasp her potential.

“He said, the labels don’t get you, they don’t get your voice either. I’m going to make a hit record with you,” Lulu reminisced on The Jonathan Ross Show. These words left a profound impact on her, making her feel seen and heard in an industry where it’s often challenging to assert oneself.

With Bowie’s guidance, Lulu was able to explore her true artistic identity. Her gritty, bluesy voice stood out from the crowd, and Bowie believed it had the power to create a hit. And he was right. Lulu‘s breakthrough hit “Shout” became a massive success, and she now credits not only Bowie but also John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles for helping her career take off.

Lulu shared a delightful anecdote from her early days in the industry. She recalled being at home, casually munching on fish and chips, when a pop show called Ready Steady Go featured her as a guest. Little did she know that the entire nation was tuning in, including John and Paul from The Beatles. When asked about their favorite release that week, they enthusiastically mentioned Lulu‘s “Shout.” This endorsement from two of music’s biggest icons undoubtedly gave Lulu‘s career a significant boost.

“It was an amazing thing,” Lulu enthused on The Jonathan Ross Show. “For John and Paul to give me the thumbs up, I think that kickstarted my whole career, really.” The immense popularity of Ready Steady Go and the endorsement from The Beatles catapulted Lulu into the spotlight, solidifying her status as a music sensation.

As we reflect on this extraordinary story, it’s clear that David Bowie‘s belief in Lulu‘s talent and the support from The Beatles played a crucial role in shaping her successful career. The Jonathan Ross Show continues to provide a platform for such captivating and inspiring tales from the entertainment world.