On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host didn’t waste any time diving into the hot topics of the day. From President Biden‘s message about the solar eclipse to Marjorie Taylor Greene‘s interesting take on natural disasters, there was no shortage of entertainment on the chat show.

The episode started off with Kimmel discussing the total solar eclipse that had taken place earlier that day. While the phenomenon was a spectacular sight for those in the path of totality, Kimmel jokingly remarked that for those outside the path, it was like accidentally leaving your shades open an inch. He even shared his own experience of watching the eclipse with his family, wearing questionable cardboard glasses he ordered online.

Amidst the eclipse talk, Kimmel couldn’t help but bring up former President Trump’s infamous decision to directly stare at the sun during a previous eclipse. Drawing a humorous parallel, he compared Trump’s approach to an unprotected encounter with a porn star – always daring and controversial.

But the eclipse wasn’t the only thing making headlines. Kimmel shifted gears to discuss Marjorie Taylor Greene, a controversial member of Congress known for her outlandish statements. Kimmel highlighted a recent tweet from Greene, in which she claimed that earthquakes and eclipses were signs from God, warning Americans to repent. The interesting twist to this story is that the epicenter of the recent earthquake in New Jersey, which Greene referenced, happened to be located on Trump’s golf course.

Not one to shy away from reactions to recent events, Kimmel also touched on a recent award ceremony where Trump accepted an award on behalf of his wife, Melania. He humorously pointed out that Melania was unable to attend her own award ceremony because she was too busy not attending. Kimmel continued to poke fun at the situation, stating that receiving an award at your own house is a bit unnecessary.

The talk show host didn’t stop there. He addressed Trump’s appearance at a fundraiser, where he expressed his desire for immigrants to come from “nice” countries like Denmark and Switzerland. Kimmel added his signature touch, emphasizing that whenever Trump says “nice”, he actually means “white”. He went on to discuss Trump’s shifting stance on abortion, painting a satirical image of Trump aligning himself with enormous American flags in an attempt to revise his official stance on the issue.

In a surprising turn, Kimmel also delved into the world of artificial intelligence (AI) used for medical purposes. He mentioned a San Francisco startup called Calara, which claims to have developed an AI app that can determine if a person has an STI (formerly known as an STD). However, doctors have debunked the app’s accuracy, describing it as “terrible”.

To wrap up the episode, Kimmel amused viewers with clips of people on Hollywood Boulevard being asked what an eclipse was. The responses ranged from humorous attempts to answer the question to outright confusion. Kimmel showcased the diversity of reactions, illustrating how little some people know about this natural phenomenon.

All in all, the Jimmy Kimmel Live episode had its fair share of excitement, ranging from amusing takes on current events to witty banter about notable figures. As always, Kimmel provided a fresh perspective on the world of entertainment, leaving his audience entertained and informed.