On a recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, host Ellen Degeneres showcased her entrepreneurial skills during a trip to the mall. While browsing, Ellen decided to set up her own mall kiosk, aptly named ld’s Notions, where she sold a variety of items, ranging from sunglasses to soap bars.

The grand opening of ld’s Notions was a hilarious affair, with Ellen enthusiastically promoting her products and offering unbeatable prices. She humorously declared that she would “beat any price in here,” promising her customers the best deals. Ellen’s infectious energy and quick wit drew laughter from both the studio audience and the viewers at home.

In true Ellen fashion, she showcased some of her unique products, including an Ellen doll and an Ellen wig. Ellen playfully interacted with a customer, offering them the opportunity to try on the Ellen wig, showcasing how it resembled her own iconic hairstyle. With a range of items available, Ellen assured customers that her kiosk was a one-stop shopping experience for all their needs.

Throughout the segment, Ellen playfully negotiated prices with customers, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere. She even threw in bonus items, such as a free bottle of hot sauce, to ensure her customers would spread the word about ld’s Notions.

Though the prices at ld’s Notions may have been slightly higher than usual, Ellen emphasized the convenience of her kiosk, saving customers time by providing everything they might need in one place. From Ellen-branded merchandise to everyday essentials like thermometers and candles, Ellen’s kiosk had it all.

True to Ellen’s unpredictable nature, she added a touch of humor by jokingly asking customers if she needed to pat them down or if they had stolen anything, ensuring that no one left without paying for their purchases.

While ld’s Notions may not have been a permanent fixture at the mall, it was certainly an entertaining and memorable experiment for Ellen. This segment showcased Ellen’s ability to entertain and engage her audience, leaving them laughing and eagerly anticipating her next unique venture.

Tune in to The Ellen Degeneres Show for more exciting and hilarious moments like the grand opening of ld’s Notions. Ellen continues to deliver laughter and surprises, making her talk show a must-watch for fans of fun and entertainment.

Originally aired on May 10, 2004