On the set of Late Night with David Letterman, a very special edition of NightLight starring Chris Elliott took place. The topic of tonight’s discussion was both controversial and volatile, with parental discretion advised. Chris Elliott, the host of NightLight, started off the show by acknowledging his beautiful studio audience, claiming that they were the best-looking studio audience in North America.

NightLight had been off the air for a while due to being on hiatus. Chris Elliott expressed his frustration with reviews that called NightLight a cheap ripoff of Late Night with David Letterman. However, he was back and ready to do the show, having made some format changes.

The show continued with the famous top three list from the home office in Cente Nevada. Tonight’s topic was the top three iron bearing ores or silly nicknames. Hematite and magnetite were the third and second choices, respectively. The anticipation grew as Chris Elliott contemplated whether to reveal the number one iron-bearing ore or silly nickname. Ultimately, he decided to call off that choice.

Moving on to the main topic of the night, Chris Elliott discussed thermonuclear war and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. He pondered the impact on future generations, wondering if they would wake up to a paradise or a vast wasteland. Joining Chris from his studios in New York City was the king of late night himself, David Letterman.

David Letterman, known for his light-hearted show, preferred to keep his political views to himself and focused on entertaining. Chris Elliott, also having a light-hearted show, admitted he hadn’t weighed both sides of the nuclear war issue either. The conversation between the two hosts remained lighthearted and veered into comical territory when David Letterman mentioned the weather being nippy.

Chris Elliott, despite the occasional communication issues, thanked David Letterman for joining them on NightLight. Unfortunately, due to the short duration of the show, it was time to bid farewell. Chris Elliott ended the show with a chuckle, recalling the moment David Letterman exclaimed “yippe.” The next week’s episode would feature Jack Weston from the movie Ishtar, broadcasting from beautiful Gloucester, Massachusetts.

In conclusion, this special edition of NightLight with Chris Elliott and guest David Letterman provided an entertaining and lighthearted conversation on controversial topics. Despite the comparisons to Late Night with David Letterman, Chris Elliott managed to put his own spin on the show and keep the audience engaged. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of NightLight.