In a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, host Stephen Colbert addressed the highly anticipated trial of former President Donald Trump. Trump’s lawyers had requested a delay in the trial, arguing that he could not receive a fair trial in Manhattan. However, their request was denied by an appeals judge, and the trial is set to proceed on Monday.

Colbert wasted no time in adding his signature wit and humor to the discussion. He joked that if someone had told him as a teenager that the former president would one day be standing trial for paying off a pornstar, he would have been willing to trade his meager discoveries in the woods for the scandalous news. Clearly, Trump’s legal team was not successful in convincing the judge that he deserved a change of venue.

One of the arguments made by Trump’s lawyers was that the jury pool in Manhattan had been tainted by news coverage of Trump’s previous cases. Colbert quipped that it would be nearly impossible to find jurors who were completely unaware of Trump’s crimes, as his actions have dominated the news for years. He humorously suggested that perhaps the ideal scenario would be to find jurors who were raised by wolves or rapidly aged clone babies who know nothing about recent events in America.

Not content with just the change of venue request, Trump also attempted to sue the judge presiding over his case. Colbert jokingly described the situation as a “Bizarro Court,” where the defendant sues the judge and the roles are reversed. Trump’s lawsuit challenged the gag order placed on him by the judge, which aimed to prevent him from verbally attacking witnesses, jurors, and even the judge’s daughter on social media. Colbert found the situation reminiscent of a scene from the movie Taken, where a defendant recuses himself to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

Despite Trump’s desperate attempts, an appeals court judge rejected his request to delay the trial and appealed the gag order. Legal experts saw these attempts as a Hail Mary to avoid trial altogether. Colbert humorously referred to the case as a “Hail Mary attempt,” while noting that Trump’s efforts were comparable to trying to halt the witness testimony with a gag order only to have the tables turned and be the ones gagging with new revelations.

The judge released the jury questionnaire for the trial, which contained some interesting questions. Among them, potential jurors were asked if they had any strong opinions about Donald Trump. Colbert sarcastically expressed his desire to meet someone who doesn’t have any opinions about Trump, as Trump’s presidency has been a topic of much discussion and controversy.

In addition to Trump’s trial, Colbert also shared some intriguing news about Trump’s social media company, Truth Social. Since its public debut, Truth Social has suffered a significant loss in value, trading at its lowest level since its initial trading. While Truth Social claims that its numbers are fine, it doesn’t help that the company receives its accounting services from the beleaguered accounting firm BF Borgers, known for deficiencies in audits and past associations with the Lingerie Fighting Championships Incorporated.

Shifting gears, Colbert then turned to an interesting news item from Japan, where the largest telecommunications company has called for legislation to regulate AI. The company argues that AI tools can damage human dignity when they prioritize attention-seeking over morals and accuracy. Colbert humorously segued into a playful tangent about baby red pandas jumping out of a petri dish, before returning to the topic at hand.

In conclusion, Colbert’s lively and entertaining take on the upcoming trial of Donald Trump and associated news items provided hilarious insights into the legal predicaments and controversies surrounding the former president. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert continues to bring entertainment and laughter to its viewers with its humorous analysis of current events.