Conan O’Brien, the charismatic host of the popular talk show, recently had a hilarious and insightful segment with his producer, Jordan Schlansky. In this chat show episode, Conan and Jordan courageously aired their grievances to relationship psychologists, giving us a glimpse into their unique dynamic.

During the conversation, Conan addressed Jordan’s habit of making fun of him for not fully shaving his neck. He humorously pointed out that while Jordan is meticulous in his appearance, Conan couldn’t help but notice the patches of unshaved hair on the corners of Jordan’s mouth. Conan, curious as ever, asked how such large chunks of hair are missed during shaving.

Jordan, being quick to respond, explained that he tends to rush through the process. Being predominantly involved in radio, he admitted that the razor’s lenses aren’t as precise as he would like. However, Jordan added a cheeky remark, suggesting that his wife doesn’t need to see him up close, insinuating that she has grown distant.

The relationship psychologists commended Jordan for not becoming defensive and counterattacking when describing himself rather than focusing on criticizing Conan. They explained that contempt, which often arises when describing the other person, can be harmful to a relationship. Moreover, they revealed that holding contempt for someone can even weaken the immune system and lead to illnesses.

Conan, ever the mischievous rascal, realized this was an opportunity to poke fun at Jordan, jokingly saying that he now has a weapon to make him sick. The psychologists agreed and emphasized that holding contempt is indeed self-defeating and detrimental for both individuals.

While Conan would like to point out Jordan’s shaving errors, he asked if it would be better to remain silent and note them internally. Jordan, on the other hand, preferred that Conan pull him aside privately to discuss any grooming faults he may notice.

In another light-hearted jab, Conan highlighted that Jordan often expands on topics such as the origins of words, like the Latin root of the word “doctors.” Although Conan and the psychologists found it amusing, Conan mentioned that Jordan’s information is often incorrect. From explaining the filming location of “Karate Kid 2” to the proper pairing of wine with pizza, Jordan has been proven wrong multiple times.

The psychologists emphasized that correcting someone in a contemptuous manner, as Conan did, is counterproductive and damages the relationship. They stressed the importance of sharing information without undermining each other’s intelligence.

Conan and Jordan’s banter reflects their unique dynamic and the comedy that arises from their differences. Whether it’s Conan’s unshaved neck or Jordan’s sometimes inaccurate trivia, their willingness to discuss these issues on air demonstrates their ability to maintain a healthy and humorous relationship.

Tune in to Conan O’Brien‘s talk show to witness more of these entertaining and enlightening exchanges between Conan and Jordan Schlansky. Their unique bond and comedic chemistry continue to captivate viewers, providing a refreshing twist on the traditional talk show format.