During the interview, Goldwyn shared how De Niro, who he considers to be every actor’s hero, was a pleasure to work with. Despite feeling intimidated at first, Goldwyn praised De Niro for his professionalism and dedication to his craft.

Goldwyn also discussed his excitement about working with Whoopi Goldberg in his upcoming project. He shared that Goldberg quickly agreed to be a part of the film without even reading the script, showcasing her cool and laid-back demeanor.

The conversation took a turn when Goldwyn credited his wife, Jane Musky, for helping him land the role in “Ghost,” which was a turning point in his career. Musky, a renowned producer, encouraged him to pursue the opportunity and stood by him throughout the audition process.

Goldwyn also revealed a hilarious and embarrassing story from his audition for Juilliard. He described how, in an attempt to incorporate an activity into his monologue, he ended up forgetting to get dressed after removing his sweater and shirt. Despite the mishap, Goldwyn maintains a good relationship with his friend Tony Spiridakis, who witnessed the comical scene unfold.

The actor concluded the interview by discussing his recent role on “Law & Order,” expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of such an iconic show and following in the footsteps of actor Sam Waterston.

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