During a recent episode of the popular talk show “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend,” host Conan O’Brien engaged in a deep conversation with stand-up comedian W. Kamau Bell. The topic of discussion centered around the phenomenon of receiving recognition and praise only after someone passes away. O’Brien expressed his thoughts on the matter, mentioning how comedy icons often go unnoticed until their demise.

In a light-hearted manner, O’Brien jokingly suggested to Bell that he should eulogize him when the time comes, poking fun at the posthumous praise people often receive. Bell played along, acknowledging the irony of the situation. The conversation continued with both men sharing their observations about the lack of acknowledgment for talented individuals while they are still alive.

The discussion touched upon the recent passing of notable comedian Norm Macdonald, who O’Brien described as a brave and unique voice in comedy. Macdonald’s talent only received widespread recognition after his death, which O’Brien found disheartening. He believed that artists like Macdonald, who express an unconventional approach to comedy, should be appreciated and celebrated during their lifetimes.

The conversation then shifted to actor Carl Weathers, known for his roles in the Rocky movies and “Arrested Development.” O’Brien shared a personal anecdote about when he met Weathers at an event, expressing his admiration and joy at the experience. Weathers’ passing made O’Brien realize the impact that certain individuals have on our lives, even if we may not realize it until they are gone.

W. Kamau Bell agreed with O’Brien’s sentiments and highlighted the importance of bringing attention to talented individuals who may not receive the recognition they deserve. He mentioned writing an article about Carl Weathers and the impact the Rocky series had on him and others, especially as a young Black kid watching the films.

Both O’Brien and Bell expressed the need to create more joy and positivity in the world to counteract the negativity that often dominates the media landscape. They agreed that celebrating and appreciating artists while they are still alive can make a significant difference in their lives and inspire others.

The conversation concluded with O’Brien playfully requesting Bell to step up and give a heartfelt tribute when O’Brien’s time comes, emphasizing the admiration and influence he holds for O’Brien.

Overall, this enlightening and engaging discussion on “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend” shed light on the importance of recognizing and celebrating talented individuals while they are still alive, rather than waiting until they are gone. O’Brien and Bell highlighted the transformative effect that support and appreciation can have on artists, encouraging others to spread positivity and recognition in the entertainment industry.