Friday Night With Jonathan Ross welcomed Alicia Keys to the show for a lively and entertaining interview. The talk show host was full of compliments for the talented singer-songwriter, praising her recent hit song “Falling” and noting that her album had sold an impressive ten million copies. Alicia Keys also shared that she had won five Grammy Awards for her previous album.

Jonathan Ross marveled at the success that comes when a performer with such exceptional talent bursts onto the scene. He compared the experience to when Whitney Houston first appeared and took the world by storm. Alicia Keys humbly acknowledged the comparison and expressed her gratitude for her own success.

During the interview, Alicia Keys discussed her childhood in New York, specifically in the area known as Hell’s Kitchen. She described how the neighborhood had changed over the years and fondly recalled her own experiences on 42nd Street, where she was drawn to the kung fu movies and vibrant atmosphere. Jonathan Ross asked Alicia Keys if she had a tough upbringing, to which she replied that her single mother had raised her with strength and determination, shaping her into the person she is today.

The conversation then turned to Alicia Keys‘ love for music and her talent for playing the piano. Alicia Keys revealed that she was initially drawn to the piano because of its appearance and the desire to play the songs she heard on the radio. However, she admitted that her small hands posed a challenge when it came to certain songs, especially those with larger hand spans. Nonetheless, she embraced her unique style and made the most of her abilities, even having her hands insured.

After a discussion about her new album and her dedication to her craft, Alicia Keys treated the audience to a special live performance. She played a song called “If I Got You,” which she described as one of her favorites from the album. Jonathan Ross expressed his admiration and jokingly flirted with Alicia Keys, only to be met with her playful response. The segment ended with Jonathan Ross asking Alicia Keys to teach him a bit of piano, as he nervously revealed plans to take a piano exam. Alicia Keys graciously agreed and gave him a quick lesson, alleviating some of his exam jitters.

Overall, Alicia Keys‘ appearance on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross was a captivating mix of humor, talent, and charm. The talk show host created a lively and entertaining atmosphere that allowed Alicia Keys to shine, resulting in a delightful interview and memorable performance.