The latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live had viewers on the edge of their seats with a jam-packed line-up of entertaining segments. From the start, host Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time diving into the trending topics of the day.

One of the biggest stories covered was the start of Donald Trump‘s hush money trial on Monday. Kimmel cheekily remarked that Trump’s numerous attempts to delay the trial had all failed, leaving him with the only move of having sex with everyone in the court to get their mouths shut. With three appeals lost in just three days, Trump’s trials are now behind schedule, possibly not happening until after the election. Kimmel playfully questioned the extensive due process for what he referred to as a “witch hunt.”

But it wasn’t just Trump who faced scrutiny on the show. Senator Ted Cruz, Trump’s occasional concubine, also had a tough week. A watchdog group filed a complaint against Cruz with the Federal Election Commission, alleging that his podcast company had been funneling money to his super PAC, potentially violating campaign finance laws. Kimmel couldn’t help but point out the irony of Cruz’s super PAC being called “Truth and Courage” when he himself fled to Cancun during a snowstorm and blamed it on his daughter. The Watchdog group behind the complaint is led by none other than someone Cruz had previously abandoned during a snowstorm – talk about karma.

In addition to political news, Kimmel also touched upon other significant events happening around the country. He highlighted the recent decision by the Arizona State Supreme Court to enforce an 1864 law that bans abortion, despite widespread objection. A Republican state senator even had a group of anti-abortion extremists praying in tongues on the Senate chamber floor, a surreal scene witnessed by all. President Biden condemned the decision, and his campaign launched a new program, “Out for Biden Harris,” to engage voters in the LGBTQ+ community. Kimmel delivered a humorous impression of Biden, portraying him as the most gay-friendly president in history.

To lighten the mood, Kimmel took viewers back in time to 2007 when the OJ Simpson trial was making headlines. Kimmel shared footage of a memorable moment from that time, when Jake Byrd, a longtime supporter of celebrities like OJ Simpson, protested at OJ’s arraignment in Nevada. Byrd passionately defended OJ, expressing his belief that OJ was being unfairly treated by a biased legal system. Byrd’s memorable appearance in an OJ t-shirt and an “I love famous people” hat became a part of the OJ circus.

Overall, Jimmy Kimmel Live kept viewers entertained with its mix of political commentary and humorous take on trending topics. From Trump’s ongoing legal battles to Ted Cruz‘s potential campaign finance violations, this episode was full of lively discussions. With Kimmel’s signature wit and charisma, he managed to strike a balance between entertaining and informing his audience.