In a recent episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live“, the host Jimmy Kimmel addressed Donald Trump‘s ongoing obsession with a joke made about him at the Oscars. Despite the former president being in the midst of a criminal trial, Trump found the time to post a lengthy and unhinged attack on Kimmel on social media.

Kimmel began by recounting the morning he woke up to a flood of text messages about Trump’s rant, jokingly describing his headache and thanking his wife for allowing him to stay in bed. He then proceeded to dissect Trump’s post, line by line, calling out the inaccuracies and highlighting the absurdity of the former president’s claims.

One of the first things Kimmel pointed out was Trump’s reference to him as “stupid Jimmy Kimmel.” While recognizing that it might be a matter of opinion, Kimmel dismissed the notion that he hasn’t recovered from his performance as host of the Academy Awards, citing the fact that the ratings actually went up this year.

Kimmel went on to address Trump’s accusation of suffering from “Trump derangement syndrome” and reading his “truth” about the former president’s poor performance. He clarified that he didn’t present the award for best picture, as Trump suggested, and emphasized that he is not Al Pacino, despite Trump’s confusion.

Humorously debunking Trump’s claims further, Kimmel revealed that Trump also got the mandatory line wrong. Contrary to Trump’s accusation, Kimmel did not stammer or open an envelope. He reiterated that he simply read and decided to share Trump’s post, disregarding pleas from management not to do so.

Kimmel then took a dig at Trump’s memory, mentioning his aide, Steven Miller, who apparently has “an encyclopedic memory.” Kimmel sarcastically remarked that Miller, who started as a Russian sex bot, is now responsible for kissing Trump’s ass in extravagant ways. He joked about Trump’s standing and golfing positions, suggesting that they are influenced by the former president’s alleged use of diapers.

While Kimmel humorously dismantled Trump’s false claims, he also mentioned that the only person still fixated on the Oscars joke is Trump himself. He concluded by stating that if he were to make up things about Trump, he would allege that the former president wears diapers.

Switching gears, Kimmel wrapped up the segment by mentioning the outdoor stage that his crew had been working hard to rebuild. He expressed excitement about having the Grammy-winning artist, Chris Stapleton, perform on the show. Kimmel then introduced a fun challenge for Stapleton, where he would have to sing a song he had never seen or heard before. The segment ended with Stapleton giving an impromptu performance to lyrics revealed one card at a time.

Overall, Kimmel’s take-down of Trump’s rant showcased his signature wit and humor. He used irony and sarcasm to highlight the absurdity of Trump’s claims, and smoothly transitioned into a lighthearted segment with Chris Stapleton. “Jimmy Kimmel Live” once again proved to be an entertaining and engaging talk show for its audience.

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