On a recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, Jon Favreau joined Ellen for a lively chat about his love for poker and his show Dinner for Five. Favreau, who is known for his multi-talents as a writer, actor, and director, shared some entertaining stories about his experiences playing poker with fellow celebrities, including Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

Favreau revealed that he first played poker with Affleck and Damon while they were working together on the film Daredevil. They invited him to join them for a game at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Despite being confident in his poker skills from playing online for free, Favreau quickly learned that playing with the pros was a whole different ballgame.

He recalled entering a high-stakes game with a $5,000 buy-in, which was a significant amount compared to the $10 games he usually played with friends. Unfortunately, Favreau ended up losing half of his chips before he even received them. Affleck and Damon couldn’t understand why he decided to buy-in again after losing so quickly. Favreau humorously replied, “I’m not doing sequels, guys!”

Although he may have lost big that night, Favreau admitted that he enjoys playing poker for fun rather than for high stakes. He mentioned that he enjoys participating in tournaments with friends, where the buy-ins are much smaller and the competition is more lighthearted.

During the conversation, Favreau also discussed his show Dinner for Five, which airs on the Independent Film Channel. He explained that the concept behind the show is to bring people together for a meal and have unfiltered conversations. The entire meal is recorded, and later edited into a documentary-style format.

Favreau initially started the show with his friends but has since expanded to include various collaborators and celebrities. Some of the notable guests he has had on the show include Kevin Smith, Jennifer Garner, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan. He emphasized that the show provides a unique opportunity to see celebrities in a relaxed setting, simply enjoying a meal and engaging in interesting conversations.

Beyond his love for poker and hosting Dinner for Five, Favreau is also an accomplished director. Following the success of his film Elf, Favreau revealed that he has been busy working on directing other projects. He mentioned that he is currently in the process of crewing up for his next directing venture.

Favreau’s appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show was not only filled with entertaining stories but also provided insights into his fascinating career. Whether he’s talking about his poker games with Affleck and Damon or hosting engaging conversations on Dinner for Five, Favreau proves that he is a versatile and talented individual in the entertainment industry. Make sure to catch Dinner for Five on Friday nights at 10 o’clock on the Independent Film Channel.

Originally aired on May 19, 2004