On a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the audience was treated to an entertaining and lively conversation with two incredible guests. It’s no wonder why this chat show continues to captivate viewers with its captivating content and engaging host.

The first guest to grace the stage was the legendary actor, John Lithgow. Known for his remarkable talent and iconic roles, Lithgow is truly an American treasure. As he joined Stephen Colbert for a chat, the atmosphere was instantly filled with excitement and anticipation.

But that’s not all! The Late Show also welcomed Doris Kearns Goodwin, a renowned historian and a dear friend of the show. Goodwin, who presented her new book chronicling her life and her husband’s, brought her wit and wisdom to the conversation.

The talk show host wasted no time in getting the audience even more thrilled about the upcoming events. With summer just around the corner, Colbert mentioned the Democratic National Convention, which will be held in Chicago, Illinois. As history shows, Democratic conventions in Chicago have always been eventful, and this year’s convention promises to be no different.

What makes this convention even more special is that The Late Show will be broadcasting from Chicago for the entire week. The Auditorium Theater, a 130-year-old gem, will be the home of The Late Show during this exciting event. Colbert playfully remarked on the creative naming of the auditorium theater, located conveniently next to the cafeteria restaurant and the historic rooms hotel.

For Colbert, Chicago holds a special place in his heart as he spent 11 years living there. It was in the Windy City that he honed his comedic skills at the renowned Second City. And let’s not forget the valuable education he received in winter survival, where he discovered that tears can freeze. A true South Carolina boy, Colbert can’t wait to reunite with the chilly streets of Chicago.

Switching gears, Colbert mentioned his infamous news kitchen, where he concocts the freshest stories to serve his audience. Comparing it to making a delicious Peruvian chup de camarones chowder, Colbert humorously described his nightly monologue, which requires a careful balance of ingredients, like sautéing onions and garlic with AI Panka and amario.

But sometimes, Colbert takes a break from the news kitchen and embraces his adventurous side. He hilariously shared a story about dodging Taiwanese Panda Smugglers while simultaneously crafting his segment, “The Fugitive Road SLL of News.” With a mixture of discarded carburetor cap, Gatorade, and Packy peanuts, Colbert creates a unique segment that adds a touch of spontaneity to the show.

In other news, health officials warned about the rise of leptospirosis transmitted by rat urine in New York City. Colbert, ever the optimist, half-jokingly expressed hope for some good news about rat urine. Meanwhile, from across the pond, there was a peculiar discovery. It turns out that spraying Axe deodorant on male sheep can actually calm them down and prevent fighting. The so-called hormones’ masking power prevents any “argy bargy,” as the British affectionately call it.

Colbert then turned his attention to fast food giant Taco Bell. Their Chief Marketing Officer, in an interesting revelation, admitted to eating at the chain every other day. He revealed his go-to order: two to three regular crunchy tacos and a bean burrito with extra onions, grilled. According to him, this combination is life-changing, although he jokingly added it might actually be “life-ending.”

In the Netherlands, McDonald’s unveiled a unique advertising strategy. They’ve introduced the world’s first scented billboards, which diffuse the irresistible aroma of their famous french fries. These billboards do not even feature a logo, as the enticing smell is enough to attract customers from miles away. Colbert couldn’t help but crack a joke about a new McDonald’s jingle that might cause one to question their own sanity.

But the highlight of the show was an absolute hero moment at a Rockets Clippers game. When the Rockets’ Center, Marianovich, went to the free throw line and missed the first of two shots, he was aware of a Clippers promotion. If an opposing player misses two free throws in a row, fans are rewarded with free chicken. To the crowd’s delight, Marianovich intentionally missed the second shot, prompting a fan to receive a deliciously deserved piece of chicken.

With sports commentators getting just as excited as they did during the Miracle on Ice, this unexpected act of kindness solidified Marianovich as the man of the people. The atmosphere in the stadium was electric, and it showed just how much joy a simple act can bring.

Following this exhilarating moment, the show moved on to the next segment, where John Lithgow would engage in a captivating conversation with Stephen Colbert. With such wonderful guests and thrilling moments, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert continues to deliver the perfect blend of entertainment and thought-provoking content.

So, mark your calendars and prepare for The Late Show’s one-week escapade in Chicago for the Democratic National Convention. Expect great conversations, witty banter, and surprising moments that only Stephen Colbert can deliver. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is the talk show that keeps on giving, making each episode a must-watch for fans and newcomers alike.