During the interview, Jimmy Kimmel discussed their new Hulu show, “High Hopes,” and their journey to becoming close friends. He recalled how he first met Freddie on the local news in Michigan, where he was seen standing in line outside a pop dispensary. Jimmy immediately fell in love with Freddie‘s charismatic personality. Now, Freddie and Uri are set to premiere their new show, “High Hopes,” on Hulu.

Described as a “dope opera reality show,” Freddie and Uri are guaranteed to give Shaggy and Scooby a run for their stoner money. From the moment they struggled to get into their seats, wearing sunglasses at night, to their hilarious banter about the best strains of cannabis for being a guest on a talk show, these guys never fail to entertain.

Freddie and Uri also shared their passion for wrestling and their love for niche interests. It was evident that these two were destined to become close friends. Jimmy Kimmel highlighted their unique chemistry and how they even bonded over eating cactus tacos, a culinary adventure that not many can claim.

In a funny twist, Freddie‘s homesickness led to his mom and sisters being flown out to join him in Los Angeles. The proud family members cheered him on from the audience, showing their support. When asked if his mom indulges in cannabis, Freddie jokingly replied, “Hell no!” Although, there was that one time she accidentally consumed THC-infused chocolate mousse at a cannabis cuisine event, resulting in an unexpected journey on the road.

The conversation took a heartwarming turn when Uri expressed how supportive he has been as a friend to Freddie, especially during his time away from his family. With his infectious humor and unwavering loyalty, Uri proved to be a true friend to Freddie throughout their adventures and misadventures.

As the interview came to an end, Jimmy Kimmel expressed his excitement for the premiere of “High Hopes” on Hulu. Based on the camaraderie and chemistry exhibited by Freddie and Uri during the interview, audiences can expect a hilarious and entertaining show that goes beyond just marijuana. The premiere date is set for 4/20, a fitting choice for a show that promises to provide laughs and good times.

In summary, Freddie and Uri brought their unique brand of humor and friendship to Jimmy Kimmel Live. With their new show, “High Hopes,” set to premiere, audiences can look forward to a fun-filled journey with this entertaining duo. Make sure to mark your calendars for the hilarious adventures of Freddie and Uri as they navigate their way through the world of cannabis on “High Hopes” on Hulu this 4/20.