The iconic Goldie Hawn recently made a special appearance on the talk show “Alan Carr: Chatty Man.” The episode featured a star-studded lineup including Goldie Hawn, Ricky Wilson, and Catherine Ryan.

The show kicked off with Alan Carr jokingly reflecting on the recent conclusion of The X Factor’s sixth chair challenge. Alan humorously quipped about the judges struggling to make up their minds, comparing it to a pregnant woman on a bus deciding whether or not to give up her seat.

The talk show host also mentioned Jamie Oliver’s recent visit to Parliament to discuss a potential tax on fizzy drinks. Jamie believes that such a tax could raise a staggering 1 billion a year. Alan jokingly suggested that the extra funds could be spent on indulging in pick and mix sweets.

Moving on, it was revealed that Beyonce is allegedly worried about an upcoming unauthorized biography that might shed a negative light on her marriage to Jay-Z. Speculation is rife that the biography could lead to a potential divorce battle. The book supposedly delves into Beyonce’s alleged use of gaffa tape to appear thinner, which has been humorously linked to Kim Kardashian’s use of gaffa tape for back hair removal.

But let’s get back to the main attraction of the episode – Goldie Hawn. After six long years, Alan Carr finally managed to get the Hollywood legend on his show. Goldie Hawn‘s infectious charm and wit made her the perfect guest for “Chatty Man.”

The episode also featured Ricky Wilson and Catherine Ryan, stars of the hilarious show “Asian Provocator” which has been compared to “An Idiot Abroad” and “Who Do You Think You Are.” In the show, Ricky Wilson embarked on a journey to connect with his Sri Lankan heritage with the help of his mother. The duo soon found themselves in some truly entertaining and unexpected situations, including a religious blessing involving a possessed man and a chicken.

The conversation then turned to Catherine Ryan, who is a regular panelist on the new series of “The Apprentice: You’re Fired” with Jack Dee. Catherine discussed the challenges of being on the show, including dealing with the larger-than-life personality of Claude Littner. She described him as both intimidating and surprisingly kind off-screen.

Finally, Goldie Hawn took center stage again, sharing stories about her role as a grandmother. She talked about the importance of kindness and consideration, revealing that she is not the type of grandmother who tells her children how to raise their own kids. Goldie also humorously mentioned her aversion to facial hair, prompting a discussion about her partner Kurt’s hunting habits and their freezer full of elk.

Overall, the episode of “Alan Carr: Chatty Man” featuring Goldie Hawn, Ricky Wilson, and Catherine Ryan was a delightful mix of laughter, witty banter, and unexpected stories. It showcased the incredible talent and humor of these entertainment industry icons, leaving the audience wanting more.

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